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Is It Time to Clean Curtains and Blinds in Your Home?

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The window treatments in your home can say a lot about your tastes and style preferences, and keeping them fresh and clean is important for both aesthetic and functional reasons. Different types of treatments require different cleaning and maintenance, and In a previous post, we reviewed the best way to clean roller blinds and other window treatments. Today, we will continue with our discussion on cleaning by reviewing a few key times when it can be beneficial to get the dust and dirt off your curtains and blinds.

At Quickfit Blinds & Curtains, we want to make owning beautiful window coverings easy and affordable. We offer easy-clean window blinds and curtains that are as stylish as they are budget-friendly, and you are sure to find something for every room in your home when you choose our online curtain store. Shop now to discover incredible value and savings!

When to Clean Curtains and Blinds

Regular Maintenance

Multiple studies have concluded that the air inside our homes can be much more polluted than the air outside. If they are not cleaned frequently, your window treatments will become dirty with contaminants like dust, dirt, allergens, and pet dander. Blinds should be cleaned on a regular basis. To make it easy, some homeowners choose to dust their blinds when they dust the rest of their furniture. If done frequently enough, this can prevent your blinds from becoming too dirty and can make cleaning them fast and easy. Likewise, curtains should be washed regularly to keep them clean and fresh. Owning pets, smoking indoors, and having respiratory conditions are all factors that come into play when deciding how often to clean your window treatments.

Changing of the Seasons

Some homeowners may not need to clean their window treatments as frequently as others. If you don’t own any pets, you don’t smoke indoors, and you are not troubled by indoor allergies, then you may choose to only clean your blinds and curtains a few times a year. Likewise, if you have a vacation home on the beach that you only visit once or twice a month, then you can probably stretch out the time between cleanings. A convenient way of remembering to clean your window treatments is to align your cleaning schedule with the changing of the seasons. This will ensure that they get cleaned at least four times a year, and that they are cleaned every three months or so to prevent them from becoming too dirty

After Fire and Flooding

There are times when it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of home ownership. For example, if you have a plumbing leak or a kitchen fire, you may spend months trying to recover from the disaster. When unfortunate issues like this happen in your home, smoke and humidity can settle on every surface, whether it is vertical or horizontal. If not removed properly, acidic soot can stain and damage your window treatments, as can mold and mildew. Your window treatments may be easily overlooked during the restoration process, but don’t forget to have them inspected and cleaned by a professional after these catastrophic events. If you need to replace your window treatments, you can always count on Quickfit Blinds and curtains for an assortment of easy-clean blinds and curtains that are as beautiful as they are affordable.

Before Listing Your Home for Sale

Are you considering selling your home in the near future? If you are, then it may be wise to give all of your window treatments a thorough cleaning before potential buyers start looking at your home. Many homeowners decide to sell their blinds and curtains along with the house, and if you do, then you want to make sure that they are clean and free of dirt, dust, and debris. The last thing you want is for the buyer to request professional cleaning as part of the closing cost. Even if you decide to take your window treatments with you, cleaning them before open houses will show prospective buyers that you take pride in maintaining your home. If a buyer sees dirty, dusty, blinds and curtains, it may make them question how much time you invested in other maintenance items around the home.

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