Shop by Fabric

Shop By Fabric

Our mission here at Quickfit isn’t just to be one of Australia’s leading providers of quality curtains and blinds, but to also be an innate resource for Aussie homeowners and DIY home designers. We pride ourselves in our ability to offer an intuitive online shopping experience, so that you can find the curtains and blinds that you need with absolute confidence and minimal fuss. 

That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to develop a ‘Shop By Fabric’ function for our online store, allowing you to easily browse our extensive range of curtains and blinds by their texture or by their material.

If you’d like your window coverings to support the lightness and airiness of your interiors, our range of pure linen curtains may be just what you need. Their lightweight flax linen construction makes them soft yet undeniably sturdy. Available in a range of versatile and flattering neutral tones to elevate any interior, the opaque design of our 100% linen curtains also provide a perfect balance between natural light facilitation and providing you and your family with total privacy. 

Our collection of sheer curtains provide a similar function, alongside feeling lighter and hanging a little more delicately. Available in a range of other fabrics including cotton and voile, our sheer curtains can be used for layering or for cultivating a soft, airy atmosphere in your home.

If you’re a fan of texture, our collection of vintage-look velvet curtains may feel perfectly at home in your interiors. These elegant window coverings come in a wide range of colours and hanging styles, ranging from effortlessly elegant eyelet panels, to classic pinch pleat and pleated wave designs.

If temperature regulation is a concern in your household, you may be seeking methods for naturally keeping your home warm in the winter and cooler in the hotter summer months. With our thermal curtains and blinds, you won’t have to worry too much about your utility bills skyrocketing in these seasonal temperature peaks and troughs! Their multi-layered, triple weave design and added foam coating all work together to naturally prevent heat loss through your windows in the winter months.

The blackout design of both our thermal blinds and curtains as well as our blockout curtains, make both of these styles of window coverings well suited for homes on busy streets that may require a little added support with boosting the privacy of your interiors as well as blocking bright external sources of light like street lighting and cars driving by at night.

With our Shop by Fabric function, you can ensure that your selected curtains and blinds perfectly complement your home’s furniture, rugs, and other soft surfaces, and are in total alignment with your wider interior design scheme too.

Looking for curtains and blinds in a particular colour over a texture? Try our Shop by Colour page to help streamline your search! Or maybe you’d rather Shop by Room?  

Textured Blinds & Curtains

Want your interior spaces to feel a touch more dynamic? Look no further than our extensive collection of textured blinds and curtains! As our collection here at Quickfit has been created in a wide range of colours, fabrics, and curtain panel styles which have all been hand-picked by our team of passionate and eclectic interior designers, you’ll be sure to find a textured window covering that perfectly fits your home’s interior design scheme. Explore our selection of textured blinds and curtains below and prepare to meet your next set of refreshingly modern window coverings!


Explore our range of textured blinds and curtains today!

With Quickfit’s wide and eclectic range of textured blinds and curtains, there’s guaranteed to be a design that’s perfectly suited to your living room, bedroom, or even to your home’s wider interior design scheme too.

Our textured curtains and blinds are the perfect solution for any interior space that may be lacking a little ‘something something’. The subtle textures of our textured blinds are sure to provide the rooms in your home with just that little bit of visual contrast between your monochrome walls and your covered windows. 

Designing dynamic interiors with textured curtains

Whilst flat, textureless window coverings may help provide your interiors with a solid backdrop upon which textured furniture and decor can truly spring to life, our textured drapes are designed to break up the monotony of minimalist and contemporary modern interiors. 

By investing in some textured blinds and curtains, you can add an instant touch of dynamism and dimensionality to your interior spaces without having to worry too much about decor imbalances or visual noise. Our textured curtain panels come in a wide range of shades, including versatile neutral colours like charcoal, latte, sand, and eggshell. 

Our designers here at Quickfit also take pride in ensuring that our collection of textured blinds and curtains include a large array of different fabrics and materials, including premium 100% flax linen, cotton, and acrylic coating for our textured blinds.

If you’re feeling uncertain about any of the textured blinds and curtains available in our selection and want to get a stronger sense of whether these window coverings are perfectly suited to your home’s needs, you’ll be happy to hear that we’ve got your back. All you need to do is contact our friendly team to secure yourself some free fabric swatches! By securing yourself some free swatches, you’ll be able to get a feel for all of your potential new textured curtain panels well before you commit to buying.

At Quickfit, we’re here to ensure that you feel confident and absolutely ready to create your dream home design scheme.

How best to style your new textured curtains and blinds

Here at Quickfit, our entire selection of textured curtain panels and blinds are designed to stand out or blend in, depending entirely on how you as the home designer decide to style them. Use our textured sheer curtain panels as soft, detailed window coverings in living and dining spaces, or layer them with other thicker window coverings, like blockout curtains or thermal curtains.

Texture is everything when it comes to creating a pleasant ambiance . Our textured curtain panels can come ready made or can be customised to suit your interior design needs. Rest assured, all of the ready made curtains available here at Quickfit are easy to measure and install right at home, meaning that you can enjoy your brand new textured curtain panels in next to no time and with minimal fuss!

Join the textured revolution today with a pair of Quickfit’s stunning textured curtains or blinds!