Thank You For The 1,000 Reviews!

14th Jan 2016

We’d like to take this time today to thank all of our wonderful customers who have purchased blinds and curtains online and in our store who have posted a review. We are always eager to read your thoughts and opinions to ensure we are giving you the best customer service and products. Some of the reviews sparked us to clarify a few of our business standards and procedures in order to make shopping online easy for you. It can be hard when you don’t get to see and touch the curtain or blind itself, so we hope this blog helps eliminate a few questions.

“Not the colour I expected”

This review mentioned that the Chicago Grey curtain was not as dark as desired. In the review, the customer mentioned that a sample fabric should have been ordered, and that’s exactly right! We are happy to provide sample fabric selections to you so you can compare it in your home prior to purchasing the entire curtain.

“Curtains nice but only ONE in the pack”

This customer was concerned that the curtains are sold only one in each pack. We do this because it is impossible for us to predict the necessary measurements of each customer’s window frame and style preference. We sell each curtain in one a panel section to prevent excess fabric from being sold. If you're concerned one panel will not be enough, you can order more if necessary.. The dimensions of the curtains are stated, and we have updated our product descriptions to make this more clear in the future.

Stay tuned for future blogs that talk about more customer reviews we have received. We are always happy to address your concerns directly. You can contact us online here. As always, thank you for posting reviews about buying blinds and curtains online - we love them!