Make Curtain Cleaning A Good Habit

20th Mar 2016

Are you the type of person that always has the house windows open and the natural air flowing through your home? This is good for the soul, but it’s bad for the home - unless you love to clean! Open windows invite in the dirt and grime from outside. The curtains hanging in front of your window are the first layer of protection that catches the dirt, which is why cleaning your curtains is a good habit to start now. Learn how to clean your curtains online in our upcoming post, but until then, let’s learn a little more about why it’s important to keep your curtains clean and how you can quickly establish a good curtain cleaning habit.

Habitual Curtain Cleaning Means Cleaner Air

In most cases, the air inside your home is of poorer quality than the air outside. This is because all of the dirt particles are concentrated within your home’s walls and are not easily able to filter with clean air. The air outside is able to circulate, thus making it cleaner. Opening windows is one way to increase air flow in your home, but you must have a proper outlet for that air to exit the home, otherwise the dirt and grime will stick around the house. The curtains catch a fair amount of the large dirt particles, so giving those a quick clean once per week will keep your curtains looking great and your home’s air quality high.

How To Get Into A Habit

The trick to making an action become a habit is to keep it simple with the Three R’s: reminder, routine, and reward. In the beginning, it helps to set a reminder to clean your curtains. The routine is actually cleaning the curtains, and the reward is something you gift yourself for getting the job done. To keep it ultra simple, your reward is that you have clean curtains with clean air. If you need more motivation, you can reward yourself with a special treat.

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog about how to clean your curtains. As always, you can count on Quickfit as your top retailer for curtains online.