Common Curtain Colours — Part I

Posted by Quickfit Blinds & Curtains on 7th Jun 2018

Choosing new curtains for your home is often a difficult task. In addition to finding curtains that function the way you need them to, you also have to find options that won’t clash with the rest of y …
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Easy Rental Home Decoration Ideas

10th Apr 2016

Decorating Your Rental Home With ColourA lot of rental homes and landlords don’t allow painting. This forces a lot of us to live with uninteresting, off-white walls, and this can make finding home dec …
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The Secrets Of Colour And Home Decoration

1st Apr 2016

Using Colour In Your Home Decor The power of colour is no secret amongst those who love interior design and are always looking for new home decoration ideas. Not only has colour proved to have a sub …
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Home Decoration Ideas For Small Spaces

4th Mar 2016

We know how hard it can be to create an open and airy atmosphere with just a few hundred square feet. However, when you properly plan out and think through your small space, you can make it just as fu …
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