These 5 Colourful Curtain Options Will Make You Rethink Your Bland Window Treatments

16th Jul 2017

Maybe you think that your old curtains are just fine. After all, isn't the most important job of your curtain to keep the sun out and block the view of any meddling neighbours? You are partially right. While protecting your privacy and filtering sunlight are two very important functions of the curtains in your home, that certainly isn't their only job. Curtains are also there to enhance the decor of your space. An ordinary room can become something really special when it has the right window treatments. So if you are living with bland curtains, these five colourful options will make you rethink how you are finishing your windows. 

5 Colourful Curtain Options Ready to Ship Now

Linda Eyelet Curtain Panel in Green

AUD $15.95  AUD $29.95 (You save AUD $14.00)

These curtains are the perfect option for adding some personality to your space. They have a pattern that's sophisticated and bold without being overwhelming. The colour is just right, too, in a beautiful green that's right on trend with today's most popular home decor. You'll love the way these eyelet curtains make your space more modern and feel more put-together. Plus, the eyelet top makes them really easy to install in just minutes on your existing curtain rod. They are  also available in pink, ideal for adding a feminine touch to a space!

Homespun Linen Look Sheer Eyelet Curtain Panel in Purple

AUD $24.95

When you want to add a little privacy to your window without blocking out the sunlight, sheer curtains are the answer. These purple curtains from Homespun are an even better option! They soft lilac colour will warm up and room and add a pop of personality to an otherwise blank wall. We love the way the light looks coming through the linen-look fabric, too. You can pair these curtains with sheer panels for even softer filtered sunlight, or pair them with blockout curtains so you can close out the light when you need to. We think these purple curtains are great for a sophisticated living room or bedroom!

Aspen Kid's Blockout Blackout Eyelet Curtain in Blue

AUD $29.95  AUD $39.95 (You save AUD $10.00)

Kids need great curtains, too. Not only will these bold blue curtains instantly make your child's room look Pinterest-worthy, they'll help them sleep better at night, too. That's because these curtains are made with a special layer that helps block out both artificial and natural sunlight. So when the sun rises early in the morning, you child won't do the same. Keeping their room dark can help them (and you!) sleep longer. Please, these curtains are made from quality materials that mean they'll go from nursery through university without a problem.  Also available in red!

Aspen Blockout Pinch Pleat Textured Insulated Curtains in Teal Blue

AUD $69.95

Teal is one of the hottest colours in home decor right now. Why not bring it to your windows? It's a cheerful colour that doesn't feel overwhelming or forced. It can be paired with a host of other colours to customise the look of your home, too, so it's versatile as well. That means you can have these teal curtains in your window even as your home decor and style changes! We love the pinch pleats at the top, too, giving them a traditional look. The blockout material will help keep the sun out and help regulate the temperature of your home more efficiently.

Aspen Blockout Pinch Pleat Curtains in Burgundy

AUD $59.95

Looking to add a little drama to your home? Add these burgundy curtains to your windows and watch them transform your space into a drama masterpiece. These curtains are available in four different sizes so you can get exactly what you need. The rich burgundy colour is ideal for creating spaces that are warm and intimate. They have a thermal insulated backing, too, so not only will they look stunning, but they'll also keep your energy bills to a minimum. This is a great curtain to pair with sheers, so you can filter the sunlight as needed. These burgundy beauties are ideal for a dining room or a romantic bedroom.

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