Child Safety Blinds Regulations

Blinds & Curtains Child Safety is Important to us.

All products sold through Quickfit Blinds and Curtains comply with current Australian regulations regarding child saftey. All our products that have cords or chains clearly have warning and instillation guidelines to keep your children safe. We provide with all our blinds child saftey hold down clips to fix the loose chain to the wall. If you have blinds in your home and do not have the chain attached to the wall with a child safety clip please contact us on our contact page and we can send you out some clips for free.

Australian homes often feature blinds, curtains and other window coverings that have cords. Using the cords, a person can raise, lower, open or close the blinds or curtains.

Blind and curtain cords can present a strangulation hazard to children, as they may become entangled in them while trying to use, play with or play around window coverings. Even with raised coverings, children can climb onto window sills or furniture and access the cords. Cords can also strangle infants sleeping or playing in cots placed near windows where cords are within reach or hanging into cots.

Because loose cords can very quickly tangle around a child’s neck and cause strangulation, we advise consumers to check their window furnishings and fix all dangerous cords out of children’s reach. Parents and carers should keep their children away from all cords.

Here are a few points to keep in mind

  • Keep all cords and chains up out of reach of children. A minimum of 1.6 metres off the ground is best.
  • Ensure cots/beds and furniture are away from windows.
  • Attach continuous loop chains or chords permanently to the wall or architrave with the child safe anchor / device provided with your blinds and attach them as per the instructions included in the pack. Remember to keep the chain tight enough so a child's head can not fit through it.
  • Make sure to read the warning tags on the products and packaging.
  • It is recommended not to remove the tags from the product.

Should you wish to read a little more about our Australian standards you can read the below articles.

Australian Governement Product Safety Website.

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Trade Practices (Consumer Product Safety Standard — Corded Internal Window Coverings) Regulations 2010.