How To Measure & Hang S Fold Curtains

S-fold curtains, sometimes also called wave-pleat or hotel curtains, are a perfect choice for the modern home owner looking for a minimalist feel. They are so-called because of the ‘S’ shape formed by the fabric at the top of the curtain rail they slide over, creating streamlined, structured waves that effortlessly cascade from ceiling to floor.

Our S-fold curtains are perfect for DIYers once you’ve got the hang of how to install them. Luckily it’s not too complicated, but we’re here to make that job a little easier with our quick guide on measuring and hanging S-fold curtains.

So, let’s dive right in!

In this tutorial guide, you will learn:


About S-Fold Curtains at Quickfit

Our S-fold curtains at Quickfit come in sheer and soft blackout designs in a range of plush colours to add a sophisticated touch to your living quarters. Soft sheer fabrics pair particularly well with the delicacy of an S-fold style, creating a refined, ripple-like wave, and are a popular type of curtain for their versatility. Whatever your preference for fabric or colour, you’re sure to find S-fold curtains that fit the brief.

Quickfit S-fold Curtains come with

  • Slim line track in ceiling white that is unobtrusive and ties in perfectly with a white ceiling
  • Mounting brackets for easy attachment to ceiling or wall
  • Screws and plugs to attach brackets to ceiling
  • Fixed position corded roller runners to keep wave symmetry
  • End caps for your track
  • Track joiners
  • Allen key

Quickfit Blinds & Curtains offers a range of custom S-Fold curtain styles, including sheer, soft blockout, linen and velvet options.


How To Measure S-Fold Curtains?

First off, measure the width of your window, so you can decipher what length curtain rail track you’ll need. Make sure you add an extra couple of inches so your curtains will fully cover the space. When ordering your curtains, take the width from this measurement, not the measurement of your windows.

Then, you need to choose whether you want your S-fold curtains to hang from the ceiling (which we recommend for a more elevated look), or the wall. If you’re measuring from the ceiling, record your tape measure down to the floor, then deduct 1 or 2 cm so your curtains will sit just above it. If you’re measuring above the window from a point on the wall, measure from where the track will be, and again deduct 1 or 2 cm. S Fold curtains work best at floor length or above. For puddle-style curtains, we recommend a pinch pleat style instead.

How To Hang S-Fold Curtains?

Once you’ve purchased your custom-made curtains, it’s time to get them up! There’s a simple routine when it comes to achieving the perfect S-fold hang, which involves inserting the loops on your fabric into the runners alternated back and forth to create a seamless wave.

Decide whether you want your curtains to open from the middle, or be drawn and pulled from one side. If one side of your window has a piece of furniture obstructing it, or an architectural design that makes it harder to reach, having your curtains open and close from the other side is probably a better idea. Otherwise, we recommend choosing a middle opening, as you still have the option to draw your curtains to the left or right side if you want to.

To hang your S-fold curtains, follow these steps below:

Part 1: Assemble your Curtain Track

Step 1: Lay your track pieces on a working desk or floor. Use the allen key to loosen the screws on the joiners, then slide the joiner onto the end of both tracks, and tighten the screws to connect the tracks to your desired length.

Step 2: Thread the corded runner into the track

Step 3: Attach the end cap to the ends of the track. Slide it inwards and then screw it tight. Depending on your preference for curtain movement: If you want the entire curtain to be able to move, make sure the final runner is positioned outside the end cap space. If you'd like to prevent the curtain from moving all the way across, ensure it is placed within the end cap.

Step 4: If you have one single curtain, then you will simply have the corded runner run all the way along the track. For two curtains on the same track, count the runners to ensure that the number matches the number of buttons on each of your curtains. Both sides should be even. You may need to cut off some runners at the end as we always add a couple extra in case!

Part 2: Hang your Curtain

Step 5: Mount brackets securely to ceiling or wall and clip your track to the brackets.

Step 6: Gather up your curtain fabric over your shoulder, so that the buttons are facing the rail.

Step 7: To add your curtains, make sure the studs/ buttons are facing towards the back (normally, the wall side).

Step 8: Clip your curtain studs to each runner on your track.

Step 9: When the curtains are fully attached to the track, ensure the ‘waves’ are evenly spaced and smoothed out.

Step 10: Install a wand at the top of the track to assist in pulling your curtains back and forth if you wish.

Once your curtains are attached to the rail track, take a step back and admire your handiwork. Make sure you can pull and draw them comfortably, and you’re all set with your S-fold curtains perfectly in place.

Looking to learn more? View our video guides below.