Measure, Cut and Install Roller Blinds

How to cut your roller blinds for a perfect fit

Cutting your blinds is really a simple process but requires a bit of patience for a great result. You dont need to cut the length, it is only the width that may require cutting down to size.

First, decide if you want an inside-the-window-frame mount or an outside-the-frame mount. For inside-frame mount, you will have a small amount of light come through the sides as you need to allow room for the brackets. For an outside mount, we recommend allowing an extra 3cm on eaither side of the internal measurement of the window.


  • Measure the inside width of your window. (Its best to measure the width at the point where the blind with be fixed, as some windows can be sloping). If the blind is going in the recess, then you need to take about 1cm off for a perfect fit. It is important you take into account the width of the brackets when deciding how much to trim the blinds by. For an extrenal mount, then add about 6cm to the width (3cm for each side).

  • To cut the fabric you shall need to fully unroll the roller blind on the floor.
  • Pull out one of the plastic end caps on the bottom white rail and slide the rail to one side, do the same for the large silver top rod
  • With a long ruler and pencil carefully mark the required amount on the reverse side of the blind in several places along the length. Join these for a straight line.

  • Get your self some really sharp scissors or new stanly knife. (Always use the best pair of scissors available or a new blade.) Carefully cut by following the line you have drawn to remove the excess fabric. If using a knife use a straight edge to keep the cut as straight as possible.

  • Now cut the white bottom rail and top tube with a small gauge sharp hacksaw. You will cut off both tubes the same amount you cut off the fabric.
  • Slide the bottom white rail back on and replace the end caps. Do the same of the top rod.
  • Now roll your blind up as best you can. Once you have installed the blind you can wind it up and down to get it nice, tight, and running straight.

Thats it. Now install them according to the instructions in pack. Its pretty easy, really!