How to Wash and Iron Your Curtains

Washing Your Curtains

Before you clean your curtains, loosen the draw-strings and remove hooks, weights, and any other metal fittings. Some types of curtains have specific washing instructions. You can wash coated blockout curtains, for example, but lined curtains should always be dry cleaned.

Hand Washing Tips

  • Always hand wash when recommended and rinse thoroughly.
  • We recommend using liquid detergent. If you use a powder detergent for hand washing, make sure that it is fully dissolved before putting the fabric in the water.
  • Squeeze the fabric gently and avoid rubbing actions.

Machine Washing Tips

  • Never wash or spin machine-washable fabrics for longer than necessary.
  • Do not wash at a higher temperature than recommended — we recommend washing on a gentle cycle below 40 degrees.
  • Use a colour care liquid detergent to retain the clarity of dyed and printed fabrics.
  • Spin at the slowest speed. After spin drying, the fabric should retain enough moisture to smooth itself out, regain its shape, and minimise shrinkage.

Important Drying Instructions

  • Line dry your curtains only.
  • Do not let coated surfaces touch — they will stick together and peel off when dried.

General Care for Your Curtains

  • Hang curtains away from the window pane so they do not come into contact with condensation.
  • Iron your new curtains on the non-coated side before hanging.
  • Use steam to get the creases out. Don't worry if some creases remain — they will eventually fall out from the heat within or outside the house.
  • Run your fingers along the natural folds of the curtain to tease the pleats into position.