What Rods and Tracks to Use

The curtain rod is just as important as the curtain itself, because without the curtain rod, there would be no proper way to hang your curtain!

When it comes to curtain rods, the possibilities are seemingly endless. You can hang your curtains on a standard rod, an extendable rod, a rod with rings, or a rod with hooks. You can also hang your curtains on a track. It all depends upon your style!

Standard Curtain Rod

Recommended for: eyelet curtains.
The standard curtain rod is one works perfectly with eyelet curtains. The 40mm-diameter eyelet rings slide perfectly over a 36mm-diameter curtain rod, and QuickFit offers many different styles of standard curtain rods to choose from.

Curtain Rod With Rings

Recommended for: pinch-pleat curtains.
Unlike eyelet curtains, pinch-pleat curtains do not have rings attached to the curtain itself. Therefore, to properly hang pinch-pleat curtains, one must use curtain rings that attach to the top of each pleat and then a ring that slides over the standard rod. This allows the pleats to hang naturally and elegantly.

Curtain Rod With Hooks

Recommended for: pencil-pleat curtains.
In a similar fashion to pinch-pleat curtains, pencil-pleat curtains hang by curtain hooks. Curtain hooks offer an even smaller connection for each pleat, since pencil pleats themselves are smaller. The end of the hook grasps the top of the pencil-pleat curtain, and then slides onto a standard pole. The small connection from the hook allows the tiny pencil pleats to sit perfectly.

Extendable Curtain Rods

Recommended for: shower curtains.
An extendable curtain rod works well for shower curtains and curtains that hang inside the window frame. The ends of an extendable curtain rod stay fastened while the middle two pieces slide together to change sizes, which means the extendable rod will fit snugly within your window or shower frame.

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