Curtain Walls Create Romantic Spaces

1st Jul 2016

Winter means cosying up to the fire with your love, sipping a warm drink, and snuggling until you fall asleep. The cool weather makes for a great excuse to stay inside, and so does creating a romantic bungalow using the affordable curtains found online here at Quickfit. This blog is inspired by a photo we received a few weeks ago from our friend who used sheer curtains to create a fort in his living room to relax in after work. Check out our first post about how to best create the curtain fort after you take away these romantic tips to turn a sheer fort into a romantic getaway without having to leave home.

Blockout Curtains Make Great Romantic Bungalows

Why Blockout Curtains?

The blockout curtains give an added level of privacy. Even if it is only the two of you home alone, the intimacy provided by the close quarters is crave worthy. It takes away any distractions around the house, allowing you both to devote attention to each other.

Enjoy The Romance

Make Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Chocolate is a known aphrodisiac, so that explanation is simple. Strawberries, too, are an aphrodisiac. The romantic notion of strawberries stem from the heart shape and the Romans, who used a strawberry as a symbol for Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Put these two together into a delicious dessert to share in your romantic fort.

Pop The Bubbly

A romantic dessert wouldn’t be complete without champagne. Pour each other a glass of champagne to sip as you feed each other the strawberries. As cheesy and cliche as it sounds, it really is one of the most simply romantic things you can do together.

Enjoy Each Other

Now that you have no excuse for hunger or thirst, you can devote all of your attention to each other. The blockout curtains provide the perfect privacy from your home so you can stare at each other. Enjoy your time together in your romantic fort. It’ll become one of your favourite places at home.

Get started today by shopping for blockout curtains online with Quickfit.