Decorating A Hunting Home

28th Oct 2016

Here at Quickfit, we believe windows bring the outside in; they bring nature into the home. For some, gazing outside through the window is close enough to nature, others like to go hiking and to play outdoors, and still others can’t get enough of nature outside so they bring nature into the home in an entirely different way. Hunters are known for decorating their homes with their trophy animals or different antlers hanging on the walls or taxidermied and hanging out with the rest of the family. A hunting home is a home that pulls nature inside, so today, Quickfit is offering a few decorating tips to complement the hunting style and feel, starting with curtains which can be bought online.

If you’ve finally gotten around to mounting or hanging some antlers in your home, it’s now time to think about the rest of the room.

Home Decorations For A Hunting Style

While Quickfit doesn’t have any camouflage patterned curtains, blinds, or cushions, we do have these items that complement a hunting style. To us, a hunting style is one that incorporates natural colours, simple patterns, and a connection to the animal serving as the room’s focal point.


Green, blue, or light brown coloured curtains will all complement the natural scene where you hunted the beast, especially if it has a darker coat. If you’ve got an animal with a light coloured coat, brown or red curtains can accentuate the animal by contrasting the decor colour.

Quickfit offers ready made curtains in nearly every colour with multiple header styles. That means homeowners can buy eyelet, pinch pleat, or pencil pleat headers to create different looks altogether. The simplest look can be achieved with eyelet curtain headers, and the most sophisticated look can be drawn together using pencil pleat curtains.

One other factor for choosing the right curtains is the material used to create the curtain. Traditionally, curtain panels are made with a moderately thick layer of fabric that keeps the draft out but is not too heavy. There are also sheer curtains, which allow the sunlight to seep in through the windows and give the room a bright and sunny look. The last common type of curtain panel is blockout. A blockout curtain is three layers of fabric stitched together to block all sunlight from entering the room when the panels are drawn close.


Our general rule of thumb for using both curtains and blinds is to choose complementary colours or contrasting colours. Quickfit has a lot of neutral coloured roller blinds available online, so we recommend pairing a white or black roller blind with a colourful curtain. The natural browns, tans, and blacks are great choices for roller blinds. If you prefer to maintain privacy but would like to let sunlight in the room, too, we recommend the SunScreens.


Spice up the rest of the room by complementing the real animal with some animal designs on plush cushions. From colourful deer antlers to a geometric silhouette of a deer head, the hunting theme can be carried throughout the rest of the room or home by placing these cushions throughout the house.

Enjoy decorating your hunting home with these window treatments and accent cushions. If you have any questions about the cushions, blinds, or curtains available online, please contact us; we love to help!