Essential Tools For Hanging Curtains Correctly

Posted by Emily Wang on 6th Apr 2023

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Homeowners across Australia are skipping the big box stores and ordering their window treatments online. This is a fun and convenient way of buying new curtains for your home, and they are often delivered right to your door within a matter of days. You can count on speedy delivery through Australia post when you order your new curtains from Quickfit Blinds & Curtains, allowing you to create stunning window treatments quicker and easier than ever before. Shop our online curtain store now to get started!

Once your curtains arrive at your home, you will be faced with the task of installing them. Hanging curtains correctly is fast and easy as long as you have the right tools. In today’s post, we will review a few essentials for installing your new panels. Read on to learn more!

Must-Have Curtain Hanging Tools

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Pencil and Paper

Whether you are measuring the dimensions of your window opening for your new curtains, or you are making notes on where to place the brackets, it helps to have a pencil and paper. It can be tempting to just scratch down the measurements before they escape your mind, but take care to note what the measurements are for. Additionally, making a small pencil marking on the wall will help remind you where the brackets should be installed when you are ready to do so.

Curtain Rod and Brackets

It might seem like a no-brainer, but hanging curtains properly begins with having the right curtain rods and brackets. You will need at least three brackets to provide adequate support for the weight of the curtains and the rod. As a general rule of thumb, install one bracket at each outside corner of the window opening and another bracket at the centre of the window opening. If the distance between the middle and outer brackets is more than 3 feet, you may need additional brackets.

Screws and Screwdriver

In order to affix the curtain brackets to the wall, you will need high-quality screws and a screwdriver. Using an electric or cordless screwdriver can help save your arms and your wrists if you are hanging curtains in multiple rooms. While it is ideal to drill into a stud to have the most support for your new curtains, this may not always be possible depending on the location of your window. If you are worried about whether or not your drywall will support the weight of the curtains and their hardware, it is a good idea to have a few wall plugs on hand.

Tape Measure and Level

When you install new window treatments in your home, you want to ensure that they are square and level, even if your window opening is not. A tape measure is critical for obtaining accurate measurements of the length, width, and height of your window, as well as measuring for proper bracket placement. Likewise, having a good, long level on hand can also be beneficial. It can be difficult to tell if your measurements are square when you are only a few inches from the wall, and nothing is worse than stepping back to enjoy your new curtains only to see that they slant to one side.

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Step Stool

Though it might seem like an obvious tool to have on hand, it can be easy to forget to grab a step stool or short ladder to help you install your new curtains. If you only have one set of curtains that you are installing and the top of your window opening is not very tall, you may be able to do without something to stand on. However, if you are installing multiple sets of curtains, your arms may quickly tire of reaching up for measuring and installing. A stable step stool is critical to your safety during this process, and it will make hanging curtains correctly quicker and easier than if you were to attempt the project without it.

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At Quickfit Blinds & Curtains, we specialise in providing residents of Australia and New Zealand with window treatments that are as affordable as they are beautiful. The tools we have discussed here will make hanging curtains correctly a breeze. If you need help measuring and installing your new curtains, our helpful team is available seven days a week by phone to help you. Simply call us at 0422584155 or send us a note online. We look forward to hearing from you!

Emily Wang

Emily Wang

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