How to Choose the Right Color for Your Blackout Blinds

27th Oct 2015

Despite their name, blockout blinds don’t have to be black. The name of the blinds are named because they are made from a material that will block out the sun’s rays from entering through your windows. Our blinds online in our store come in a variety of colors and choosing the right color will help you add style to your home while still benefitting from the blockout properties. Here is a guide to the some of the most popular colors available for our custom made blockout blinds:

  • Classic Grey. The color grey has popped up all over the place in the last few years, and it has become one of the most popular colors in home decor. This classic grey color is a great neutral that is also beautifully modern.
  • Classic Ivory. Ivory is a beautiful color that adds sophistication to your room. The subtle off white color gives you a lovely neutral without overwhelming your current decor.
  • Classic White. Crisp, clean, and gorgeous. White blockout blinds are a great way to eliminate sunshine without making your room seem dark.
  • Classic Latte. This is a great choice that feels modern while staying neutral and blending with many modern home decors.

In addition to these four classic colors, we offer blockout blinds with gorgeous textures that add even more interest to your space. It’s all available in the Quickfit Blinds & Curtains online store and ready to order today! Take advantage of our $9.95 flat rate delivery fee and get your new custom fitted blinds and curtains in no time.