How To Cut Blinds

8th Feb 2016

Do you have patience? If yes, proceed to directly to the instructions for cutting blinds. If patience is not your strong suit, take a moment to do some yoga, practice your breathing, or do another calming activity to patiently set your mind. Cutting blinds is not difficult, but it does require patience.

How To Cut Blinds

  1. Measure the window frame.
  2. Determine whether you are going to hang the blinds inside or outside the window frame.
  3. If you plan to hang the blinds inside the window frame, deduct 1 centimeter total from the measurement. If you plan to hang the blinds outside the window frame, add 3 centimeters to each side, 6 centimeters total.
  4. Unroll the blind on a flat surface with the back of the blind facing you. The floor works great.
  5. Slide the white rail (on the bottom) and the silver rod (on the top) to one side. The side where you slide it will be the side of curtain you keep.
  6. Use a ruler and pencil to make several marks to match the proper measurements.
  7. Connect the marks with the ruler to give a cutting guideline.
  8. Find the sharpest pair of scissors you have in the house or use a Stanly knife to cut along the line. Tip: If you’re using a knife, use a long straightedge to ensure the blinds are cut as straight as possible.
  9. Use a hacksaw with a small gauge to cut the top silver rod and bottom white rod along the same measurement line as the blinds.
  10. Replace the end caps for the rods.
  11. Wind the blind back onto the roll.
  12. Pat yourself on the back!

You won’t need to cut the length of the blind because it is a roller blind and you can roll as much as needed to make it the appropriate length. Installation instructions are included with each blind purchase online, or you can visit our store for personal instruction. As you can see it takes patience to learn how to cut blinds because the measurements must be precise and the cutting must be slow for best results. We know you can do it!