DIY Fix For Slatted Blinds That Are Stuck At The Top Of The Window

13th Mar 2016

Are your blinds stuck at the top of your window and won’t come down? What a hassle! The good news is that this problem is simple to fix. The beauty of working with Quickfit is we share our knowledge with you in order to prolong the life of your slatted, horizontal blinds. Here is a quick DIY project that can help you fix your blinds. If all else fails, you can always count on Quickfit’s website to shop online for blinds that are just what you need.

Fixing Horizontal Blinds That Won’t Go Down

This problem usually occurs because the cord that controls whether the blinds are up or down is stuck in the lock mechanism. You may follow these same steps if your blinds are stuck in the down position, but that is a rare occurrence. You probably don’t need tools to fix this problem, but you may need a flathead screwdriver if you find yourself in a particularly sticky situation.

  1. Do not take the blinds off of the window. There’s simply no need for the first trick!
  2. Grab the cord that is responsible for raising and lowering the blinds. Draw it upward until it is level with the head rail (metal bar along the top that holds up the blinds). Give it a small tug to release the lock. Should this not work, continue with the next step in order to further investigate the problem.
  3. Now’s the time to remove the blinds from the window. Simply open the doors covering the brackets that holds the blinds, lift, and remove the blinds. If the doors covering the brackets are tough to open, use the flathead screwdriver.
  4. Look inside the head rail to find the lock mechanism. It has the blind’s cords running through it. Use the flathead screwdriver to poke the pin inside the lock mechanism; this pin holds the lock. Place the screwdriver head in a perpendicular position to the head rail and press the flat surface against the pin. This should release the blinds.
  5. Replace the blinds on the brackets and close the doors. Test that the blinds do, in fact, go up and down.

Were you successful? We hope so!

Blinds that go up and down are very helpful for maintaining privacy and energy efficiency. Windows that are open expose your home to nosy neighbors and full blasts of sunlight.

Moreover, horizontal slatted blinds add a classic, simple look to any space. We recommend these blinds to folks who enjoy altering the amount of sunlight in the room in conjunction with simple decor. Slatted blinds, especially these Timber Look Venetian Blinds, look great with any curtain decor.

If you weren’t successful in your endeavor to fix your blinds, there is another option. Are your blinds stuck open but not at the top of your window? Read our previous post about how to fix blind slats that won’t close in order to best maintain your privacy, or shop online for blinds that are brand new if neither of these tricks get the job done. Start browsing now!