How to Fix Blinds that are Stuck Open

29th Feb 2016

Did you know that your neighbours may be watching your home when you have your blinds open? Creepy? Yes. Possible? Yes. During the daytime it is great to have the blinds open to let in some natural sunlight. Night time makes it a bit easier for people to see inside your home since you likely have it illuminated so you can see where you’re going. The simple solution is to quickly draw the blinds and regain your privacy. But what happens if your blinds are broken in the up, open position? Aside from shopping online for new blinds altogether, there are other ways you can fix your blinds and stop your peeping neighbours from seeing a little too much.

How To Fix Venetian Blind Panels that Won’t Close

This problem can happen from time to time since it is a small connecting point to make the tilting mechanism work properly.

1. Take the valance off of the top of the blinds by popping off the small plastic clips.

2. Remove the blinds by lifting the top at the brackets. Lay it flat on a table. Mind that you do not accidentally tangle cords or panels.

Let’s pause for a moment to describe a bit of blinds jargon.

Interior tilting mechanism: The metal rod inside the top of the blinds that controls the angle of the panels, thus allowing the panels to open and close without raising or lowering the blinds altogether.

Tilting mechanism: The rod on the side of the blind that controls the interior tilting mechanism.

Now back to the fixing!

3. Remove the end cap on the side of the blinds that is on the same side as the tilting mechanism.

4. Look inside the top of the blinds to find the interior tilting mechanism. Use the tilting mechanism to push up the interior tilting mechanism. Once it is connected, it should be fixed!

5. Put everything back together. Simply replace the end cap and snap the blinds back into the plastic brackets. Top it off with your valance, and your blinds are as good as new.

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If this simple step-by-step process did not work correctly, it may be time to replace the blinds altogether. Sometimes blinds can be damaged from many years of faithful opening and closing. Pets can cause damage to blinds, too. Cats love to walk the window pane and enjoy the sunshine, and dogs love to stare out the window at the neighbors walking through the streets. Furry paws aren’t trained to use the blinds properly, so permanent damage is possible. Small children may also be guilty of these behaviours.

This is nothing to worry about because it’s very simple to shop online for blinds at Quickfit.

Do your blinds have a different problem? Stay tuned for our next blog that gives step-by-step instructions for fixing blinds that are stuck at the top of your window frame.