How To Fix Broken Blinds If Only One Slat Breaks

30th Jun 2016

Do you love the faux wood Venetian blinds because of their simple beauty? Lounging on the sofa and watching as the sun comes through the panels is a joy of mine. Unlike the roller blinds, you can tilt and shade the Venetian blinds to the exact right spot of light. If you mess with the tilt too much or the blinds get off kilter and one slat breaks, you may think you need to immediately shop online for an entire blinds replacement. Halt yourself! For there is an easier way to fix your trouble.

How To Fix A Broken Blind Slat

Remove The Plug

Grab some pliers, pick up the bottom blind slat, and remove the plug that holds the lift and tilt cords. Do that for all plugs on the bottom slat.

Pull The Lift Cord

Remove the lift cord by pulling it gently through the center of the slat. Remove the cord up the row of blinds until the damaged slat is released.

Take Away The Damaged Blind

Now that the lift cord is not binding the broken slat, you can remove it. Pull gently to one side, so as to not tangle the lift and tilt cords on the other blinds.

Replace With The New Piece

Just as you removed the broken blind, slide the replacement slat into its proper place, and feed the lift cord back through the center.

Clean up your mess by placing the plugs in their proper spot, and enjoy your quick fix!

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