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Why Buy Honeycomb Blinds / Cellular Blinds?

What is all the fuss about Honeycomb Blinds? This type of blind is also know as a Cellular Blind. These light weight, versatile blinds are one of the most popular blinds at As the name suggests they are made using a cellular, honeycomb construction. This unique construction provides amazing insulation for your home. Honeycomb Blinds insulate your home from heat and cold, making them perfect for the varying Australian climate. Clean and Green and help reduce your energy bills.

These designer favourites are available in both light filtering and blockout fabrics and a range of contemporary colours. These are super for the trending minimalist look, and the honeycomb blind is a stand out statement on its own with its unique honeycomb profile. If you are after a more layered look then team them back with one our curtains in a soft flowing sheer curtain or a more structured blockout curtain

These DIY Blinds are custom made to order and delivered within 4 weeks. (Correct. Our Honeycomb Blinds are super popular and currently have a 4 week wait. They are worth the wait. You wont be disappointed.)