Measure and Hang Eyelets


Eyelet curtains have a row of eyelets, usually metal, which can vary in diameter. Our Eyelets are all stainless steel and the inner diameter is 40mm. These are only suitable for curtain rods - no tracks. They suit rods or poles up to 32mm, any bigger and the curtain does not glide smoothly along the rod/pole. Eyelet curtains give a much softer, wider fold. They are easy to hang and easy to take down, making washing them very easy. They have a modern, simple look thats suits almost any room setting.
Eyelet curtains have become the most popular curtain type today.

Buying the correct size eyelet curtains

Measuring for eyelet curtains is very simple. There is no need for exact or precise measurements.

  1. Measure the approx. window width. Double this width. This doubled width is the total curtain width you need for your window. You should buy a pair with a total width close to this measurement (20% smaller or bigger is OK). The bigger the curtains the fuller/more folds the curtain will have. It doesn't need to be exact. If you are using just one curtain and pulling it to one side then the total width of this one curtain should be close to double.
  2. Measure from the top of the window to the floor. You need to buy curtains that have a length at a minimum 8cm greater. You will be hanging the rod above the window, and the height above the window will depend on the length of the curtain. Just make sure the length of the curtain is at a minimum 8cm longer.


  • 120cm pairs windows 100cm to 140cm000163659.jpeg
  • 140cm pairs windows 100cm to 180cm
  • 165cm pairs windows 120cm to 180cm
  • 180cm pairs windows 160cm to 220cm
  • 240cm pairs windows 210cm to 280cm
  • 300cm pairs windows 280cm to 400cm


Why not combine several smaller curtains together to cover wider widths? You need close to double your window width so why not use 4 curtains, 2 on each side? You cannot tell that you have several panels. We often do our custom curtains like this.

The smaller the curtain the easier to wash!!