3 Myths About Blinds

6th May 2016

Did you know that your front-facing windows and front door are the first things that many people subconsciously register when entering your home for the first time?

Think back to your childhood when you would draw your home. It likely had the same boxy shape, a roof, a door, and some windows. Did you draw the texture of your home’s siding? Did you draw the gutters hanging from the roof? Unless you were an amazing artist as a child and had an immaculate attention to detail, the chances are slim that these more intricate features of your home made it into your illustrations.

Since your home's windows are front and centre when it comes to your street view, it’s important that you get your window decorations just right. Shopping online for blinds and curtains is a simple way to secure window coverings from the comfort of your own home, meaning you can stay by your windows and won't need to keep them in mind as you leave the house to browse through furniture stores.

You may even decide that venetian or roller blinds may be the best bet for your home, both with regards to its interiors as well as its exterior. Of course, there are a fair few interior decorators and even many homeowners, who aren't huge fans of blinds over curtains, as there are some preconceptions about blinds that are growing increasingly outdated as modern blinds continue to evolve and develop both in regards to materials and design.

As always, it is our pleasure to share our love of windows with you, our valued customers, so here are 3 myths about blinds that we'd like to bust right here, right now!

2 Busted Myths About Blinds

Myth #1: You can have blinds or curtains, not both.

This is a terrible myth, and we hope you don’t believe it. We love when people use both blinds and curtains to decorate their windows. Using both blinds and curtains on your window coverings is a good use of layering, which is actually a little known hack used by interior designers across the globe to help any interior space feel more cosy and cohesive. 

Don't get us wrong here. It is equally admirable when people use curtains or blinds alone, but don’t let the stigma of this myth keep you from using both.

Myth #2: Venetian blinds are flimsy and prone to breakage.

Whilst this may have been true back in the day where blinds were most commonly made out of thin aluminium, the emerging blind styles that we can see on the market today, are far from cheap and flimsy. Timber and timber look venetian blinds exude luxury, both through their sturdy build, as well as their ability to attractively filter bars of light into all your interior spaces. Whilst the price of these venetian blind panels are more expensive than a curtain panel, they are also likely to last for decades to come when cared for properly and kept free of moisture. 

If you do live in an area that's prone to high humidity, you can opt for timber-look venetian blinds made from PVC over actual timber blinds. The high quality of these timber look venetian blinds averages a 10-year lifespan in most homes.

Myth #3: Roller blinds look cheap.

The new style of blinds, roller blinds, is not a very cheap option at all. While the price of the panel is more expensive than a curtain panel, it is not nearly as expensive as traditional Venetian blinds. The high quality of the roller blind averages a 10-year lifespan in most homes.

This blog was rather quick, so stay tuned for more myths about window coverings that Quickfit will bust. In the meantime, shop online for blinds and curtains to boost your window decor.