6 Home Decor Lessons That Work For Any Room

Posted by QuickFit Blinds & Curtains on 28th May 2021

Are you always looking for affordable but quality home decor and home decoration ideas? Our homes evolve over time and change according to our lifestyles, budgets, home decor trends, space, and much more. We've all totally rearranged or redecorated a room on a whim, right? Today, we're going to take a look at six home decoration ideas that can work for any room.

1. Start from the ground up

A great place to start with any room is with the floor. Investing in a nice rug is often the starting point for many spaces. We believe that every room in your house should be an exercise in the mantra: invest, splurge, and save. Investing in seating, key storage and window furnishings like blinds and curtains are also two great places to spend your money. These investment pieces should always have clean lines and quality construction (both of which are guaranteed when shop with Quickfit). Splurge on decorative items and art, and save on things by tapping into catalogue and website sources.

2. Get the right light

Lighting is more than just functional, it also sets the mood and feel of a room. One thing to consider when decorating is layering your lighting. Think you're done with one overhead light? No way. The furniture, curtains and blinds you see in showrooms look great specifically because they layer the light. Use overhead general lighting in combination with directional lighting, overhead accents, lamps, etc. to give your space something to play with. In addition to the layered lighting, don't forget about the power of what's between the lights. Shadows can be very powerful!

3. Make the most of space

When it comes to decorating, most people don’t realise that a small space can take a lot of stuff if laid out correctly. What’s more, if a small space isn't properly decorated, it can feel unfinished and leave you with fewer places to work and sit. How do you decorate a small space without overwhelming it? Try to keep your larger pieces in the same colour and tonal range as the colour of your walls and window furnishings. That way, if you choose to hang your favourite clock on your wall, you won't be going against the rest of the room.

At Quickfit Blinds & Curtains, we have a huge range of colour options for blindspinch pleat curtainsroller blindssheer curtains and more - so you’ll be able to find the right window furnishings that blend perfectly with your decor. In addition to this, have fun with furniture placement and get creative with how you use your space. The whole point of decorating is for it to be enjoyable and provide a place for you to gather.

4. Let it all come together with colour

Similar to lighting, colour schemes help set the mood and feel of a room. If you’re struggling to decide which colour scheme is right for you, think about how you live in your space. Do you go for bright and bold colours in your living room? Does your room have a particular theme or feel? If this is your first time decorating a room, start off with an all white space, then gradually introduce light coloured furniture and accessories to build up and create your desired aesthetic.

5. Create a focal point

In home decor, a focal point is a place in the room where your eye is naturally drawn, such as a fireplace, bed or a window. Creating a focal point helps make a room look more balanced and inviting. If your room doesn’t have a natural focal point, it’s easy to create one. Take something that has an obvious use, like a bookshelf or coffee table that could be shared with other residents, and put it in a prominent place in the room.

6. Dress your windows

Few people realise that furniture placement and blinds and curtains are totally separate things. Take the time to think about where you want your furniture to go. Remember, it's better to have everything too close than too far away from your seating area. If your armchair is right next to the window with a great view, consider curtains or blinds if you don't want passersby watching you watch the world go by.

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