A New Style Of Sheer Curtain Panels

10th Nov 2016

Sheer curtains are elegant pieces of home décor, delicately decorating the windows with just enough fabric to provide necessary privacy but light enough to let the light shine into the room, even when the panels are drawn. Typically, sheers are solid colours without too much else happening. They are a basic style that can match any other look, making them a versatile and accessible window treatment. We are especially fond of our sheer curtains online here at Quickfit, delivering top quality products at affordable prices. But, we do not stop when things are good. We are infinitely thinking about the trends, cost of living, and how we can best deliver our products to your door so they can hang beautifully in your rooms.

This brings us to our unique (and totally adorable and affordable) sheer curtain panels: Montauk Sheer Check Eyelets. They add a different style to the traditional sheer curtain look, giving the room more depth. This style is trending right now!

Benefits of the Sheer Check Eyelet Curtain


The ribbon-like texture on this sheer curtain panel, as seen in the photo to the right, offers a subtle touch of art to the standard sheer window treatment. Moreover, the curtain panels are available in two different lengths, giving homeowners the opportunity to add a dramatic look with a longer panel or a more traditional look with the shorter panel.


These curtains are versatile enough to make an appearance in places around the home other than across windows. Think outside of the box with these creative curtain panels. Hang them on glass doors within the home or behind the bed as a beautiful backdrop. The unique look of the panel affords homeowners the opportunity to use it just about anywhere!


The Montauk Sheer Check Eyelet Curtain Panel comes in five neutral colours: white, latte, taupe, antique gold, and chocolate. These colours give a lot of room for decorating with style without switching up the look of the entire room. The variety of neutrals offer a choice for everyone.

Easy to Maintain

The eyelet header is one of the easiest curtain styles to hang, to remove, and to maintain. You’ll need a curtain rod on which you will hang the curtain, but you will not need the hooks or other pieces of equipment that other styles of curtains require. The curtain rod slides right through the eyelet pieces at the top of the curtain.

Moreover, the sheer panels can be spot cleaned and dry cleaned routinely. The easy access to remove and to hang the curtains will make this chore easier to do, which means you may actually do it routinely!


Coming in at just $17.95 per panel, the Montauk Sheer Check Eyelet Curtains online at Quickfit are an affordable accessory. We do not call our curtain panels cheap because they are not of low quality. These curtains are affordable because we responsibly source locally in Australia and pass the savings to you, our customer.

Check out our collection of Linen-look Sheer Eyelet Curtains to decide if this is the style for you.