Advice For Ordering Online To Get The Correct Blinds

6th Oct 2016

Roller blinds are one of the most popular styles of blinds today. They come in nearly any colour, catering to all styles and interior dècor; roller blinds are easy to put in an exact spot, and they are easy to clean. Roller blinds come in both sunshades and blockout, which means they can function differently depending on the style. Roller blinds are clearly the best choice when it comes to buying new blinds, but if they do not fit just right, then there may be some dissatisfaction. For this reason, be sure to accurately measure the window to order the right size.

Advice For Ordering Blinds Online

Choose The Mount

Inside or Outside mounts are your two options for hanging roller blinds. Inside mount means the blinds will be mounted inside the window frame. Outside mount means the roller blinds hang on the wall space surrounding the frame. Inside mount is the most popular.

Measure Twice (At Least)

When roller blinds do not fit the window correctly, they can hang unevenly, allow in light on one side of the shade, or droop in the middle of the fabric, causing a “cupping” look. To avoid this, measure the window at least twice. Moreover, measure each window separately. Even if you have windows that appear to be the same size, measure them separately. It may seem like a lot of work, but it will be worth it when you get roller blinds that fit just right.

Order Custom

If you cannot find ready-made roller blinds in the dimensions you need, Quickfit offers shoppers custom roller blinds. Submit your custom measurements online, and blinds will be created especially for you.