Are there more plane crashes? Travelling on planes for work..

Posted by The Quickfit Jet Setters on 25th Mar 2015

Flying for work is part of the gig when you run a Curtain and Blind business. Lately with all the press around the Malaysian Airlines crashes and today the German Airliner that crashed into the French Alps you have to wonder if our line of work is really that safe...

Some of the planes we have flown on over the years, you begin to wonder if they will ever actually get themselves up off the ground, so we did a bit of digging to see if there really are more plane crashes or just more publicity.

Here is the long and short of it, according to CNN who interviewed Rudy Quevedo, Global Program Director of Washington's Flight Safety Foundation.

In 2014 the aviation accident rate was 0.24 out of 1 million departures. That means less than one accident for every 1 million departures.

Yippee! We have more chance of winning the lotto. We can keep our jobs, fly the skies safely, and keep designing and supplying our awesome priced Curtains and Blinds which you can buy online.