Bed Canopies Make Great Escapes For A Cozy Day Inside

2nd Aug 2016

Do you have your hands wrapped tightly around a new book, waiting for the perfect excuse to cozy up inside your home and escape to a different story for a while? We recommend snagging one of these incredibly light, sheer, and superb curtains online; it’s actually a mosquito net, but it doubles so nicely as a bed canopy and makes a great reading hideaway.

SIAM Mosquito Bed/Net Canopy ($19.95)

The Cozy Benefits Of A Bed Canopy

Removes Distractions

The bed canopy drapes around the bed frame, enclosing the bed from the rest of the room. If you really want to dive into the story and forget about everything else, then you will enjoy reading inside this small oasis. The canopy acts as a barrier to keep you focused on the story and not what’s happening around the room.

Protects From Bugs

It’s hard to focus on reading when bugs are swarming your head. Since this bed canopy is really a mosquito net, you don’t have to worry about bugs infiltrating your reading space when the net is hanging. Not to mention, the fact that this is a mosquito net that doubles as a bed canopy will save you a few bucks, which is always a plus.

Adds Elegance

The sheer white look of the canopy adds a delicate and classic touch of elegance to any bedroom. It’s easy to improve the decor of the room by hanging this canopy and embellishing it with a few decorative cushions.

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