​Blackout Curtains Vs Blackout Blinds

Posted by Emily Wang on 6th Apr 2023

One of the problems many people face when redecorating their home is whether to choose blinds or curtains. Although both are essential, practical and decorative products you may need help on deciding which of the two will suit you (and your home) best. There are a number of things to consider when choosing the right window treatment for your home. As well as the obvious fact of choosing something that lends itself to your overall interior design scheme, it’s really important to think about what your room needs from whichever window treatment you choose.

Some of the practical qualities you may want to consider are explored in this post.


Does the room you're looking to add these window coverings to require some privacy? For instance, does the window look out onto a main road or street? Do you want passers-by to be able to see into your space? Using blockout curtains or blinds can ensure that any occupants of that room won't have to worry about the interior space being visible from the street. This is why window coverings are an essential for any bedroom set-up.


Do you require your window treatment to decrease the amount of light that enters the room? Or perhaps you would prefer a minimal amount of light control. It’s also important to consider what other furnishings you have or intend to have, in the room. Light can damage and bleach some fabrics and furniture.

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Do you want your choice of window treatment to aid with keeping heat in or out of the space? Just as window coverings can be ideal for ensuring furniture, walls, and other surfaces in your home aren't damaged by sun exposure, minimising the overall amount of heat that can enter your interior spaces during the summer months, is an essential component of keeping your family from experiencing heatstroke, sunburns, or any other ailment that may be brought on by excess heat in your home.

Blockout curtains and blinds are a fantastic method of ensuring that extreme heat stays outside at the height of summer, naturally maintaining the temperature of your interior spaces and keeping not just your home and decor, but also your family safe from the detrimental impacts of extreme hot weather.


Are you looking to reduce the amount of noise pollution that enters the room via your windows? Or do you want to absorb noise within the room by adding soft textiles to the space?

Once you have figured out what exactly it is you want from your window treatments and you’ve considered all of the above points it’s very common for people to choose a blackout option. Blackout curtains and blinds hold many beneficial qualities such as helping to control the amount of light that enters a space at any given time, reducing noise pollution and helping to either retain heat or keep a room cool by reducing the heat that is transferred via your windows. Blockout curtains or blinds are great for those who want more control in their home environment and both options can also make your home more energy efficient when used and installed correctly.

But the question still remains - Do you opt for curtains or blinds? Each option has different pros and cons and often the final decision comes down to personal preference, your current interior scheme and the cost, size and shape of your windows.


Blinds have a number of advantages, one of the biggest being that they are often considerably cheaper than curtains. You may be able to find affordable, ready-made curtains but it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for with blackout fabrics. 

Blockout blinds are generally cheaper yet may not reduce heat, light or noise as well as a high-quality blockout curtain. Be sure to weigh up your options before settling on any curtain or blind panel, to ensure that you're absolutely happy not just with the cost of your window covering solution, but also the design and style!

Maintenance and upkeep

Another thing to think about is maintaining your curtains or blinds after purchase. Some blockout curtains are not machine washable and therefore may not be the best choice for children's bedrooms, homes with animals, or if you intend to install your curtains in a high-traffic area of the home. Blinds are usually easier to clean and maintain. That being said, blinds tend to show signs of wear and tear if not correctly looked after. And as you are not able to machine wash some styles of blinds, this may mean that they will need replacing long before a good quality set of curtains. Think of curtains as an investment, they may have a bigger initial cost than most blinds but will stand the test of time when properly cared for and maintained.

Available Space

Blinds are often the best choice for those who are short on space and looking to keep their interior scheme looking minimal. Blinds take up less room than most styles of curtaining, yet because of this often do not block light as well as curtains because of the way they are installed inside of the window instead of covering the window like many styles of curtain do.

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With the recent popularity of plantation shutters and blinds in contemporary interiors, there has been a small decline in curtaining. However, curtains can contribute wonderfully to any decorating scheme. Blockout curtains can be produced in a range of different fabrics and can add colour, movement, texture and pattern to a room. 

Bold curtains can be a real statement in an interior decor scheme and are worth investing in if you are a lover of decorative textiles. You may instead choose a neutral, subtle fabric that is similar to the colour of your walls which can give a room a cosy, enveloping feel. Although blinds are also available in a range of styles and fabrics they rarely make the same statement or add to the overall design of your room. 

Emily Wang

Emily Wang

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