Blinds: How To Put Them Up

Posted by Emily Wang on 6th Apr 2023

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Have you just bought yourself a new set of roller blinds and are wondering just how you should go about putting them up?

Our team of blind and curtain specialists right here at Quickfit have taken it upon themselves to compile a quick guide designed to help you install your new roller blinds without any hiccups. Learn everything you need to know to put up roller blinds right the first time. Spoiler: a successful hanging project begins with ordering the correct blinds.

Quickfit has the best value deals on roller blinds in Australia. Shop for your favourite roller blind styles at Quickfit for affordable prices. Check out this guide to make sure you order the right size of blinds and know how to put them up when you get them.

A Simple Guide To Installing Roller Blinds

Measure Your Blinds

Do you want to mount your blinds on the inside of the frame or on the outside of the frame? This determines how to move forward with measurements. Follow these instructions below for an inside mount. If you want to mount on the outside, add an extra 3 cm on either side of the internal measurement of the window.

The width is the only imperative measurement for roller blinds because you will cut the length of the blinds once they are in your possession.

  1. Start at the point where the blind will be fixed, that is the top of the frame. This prevents measuring on a part of the window that could be potentially sloped. 
  2. Take off about 1 cm of the measurement if the blind is going in the recess. 
  3. Remember to add an additional 6 cm to the total if you want an external mount.

Cut Your Blinds To Size

  1. Fully unwrap the blinds and unroll it on the floor entirely. 
  2. Remove the plastic caps from the ends on the top and bottom rails. 
  3. Grab a long ruler and a pencil. On the reverse side, carefully mark the length you want your blind. Draw a straight line across the bottom. 
  4. Use new scissors, or the sharpest scissors you can find, to cut carefully along the line you have drawn. This removes the excess fabric. Keep the long ruler on the measured line to keep the cut as straight as possible. 
  5. Slide the bottom and top rails back onto the blind. 
  6. Roll the blind up as tight and as straight as possible. This way, the blind will come down the window evenly as it is unrolled.

Install Your Roller Blinds With Ease

There are installation instructions included with every purchase that walk you through step-by-step. The process is roughly the same for every style of roller blind, but please be sure to follow the instructions included with your specific purchase and only use this as a frame of reference.

  1. Measure the window frame to identify exactly where the brackets will go. 
  2. Use a pencil to mark the center of the bracket mount on each side. 
  3. Gather the necessary hardware to install the bracket and chain. 
  4. Finally, clip the top rail of the roller blind into the bracket. 
  5. Roll the blinds up and down a time or two to make sure everything slides smoothly.

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Emily Wang

Emily Wang

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