Brown Curtains: What Colour Would You Pair It Back With?

Posted by Jane Dodge BA Fashion Design RMIT: Textile Designer Quickfit Blinds and Curtains on 25th Mar 2015

Don't talk to me about those ghastly 1970's boucle curtains. My grandma still has them, and I work for a curtain retailer. Go figure! These various shades of "in your face" brown window embellishments has turned us off all shades of brown for a long long time. Will we ever recover from the 1970s?

We decided to take a long hard look at brown curtains; after all, they get the thumbs up from our design team and they feature strongly in our own design palette here at Quickfit HQ, so we'd like to explore how brown curtains can feel right at home in your own interior design schemes too!

Here are a few ideas the team came up with:

Brown Curtains can be viewed as dull and drab. A 1970s look that is not entirely welcome these days. The key to utilising brown curtains is the pairing them with the right complementary colours.

Here are 5 colours to pair with your brown eyelet curtains and achieve a whole new look. Don't underestimate the strength of brown; it is the modern black.

  • White with darker browns and chocolates. Crisp white walls with brown curtains and brown wall trims is a more traditional look, creating a dramatic and welcoming space.
  • Turquoise (blues) with soft warmer brown earthy tones. A modern pairing of colours. Creates a feminine and relaxing feel. This can carry through from a modern to a vintage decorated home.
  • Gold with rich dark chocolate and walnut. A bold look that demands style. Brown curtains with gold details creates a stately hotel feel.
  • Pink and soft grey browns. A very feminine colour pairing. This will brighten and lighten the feel of your room and create a sense of old worldliness and lavishness.
  • Orange and mid tone chocolates and dark lattes. A perfect complimentary colour to brown. Orange will suit the trendier, hipper home. Tied back with 50's plastic pieces would suit the hippest apartment.

Brown eyelet curtains give a natural earthy feel   Chocolate Brown Curtains add some sophistication and style to your room

Go on, we dare you! Style your windows with shades of brown. Send us your room shot and you may even be featured in one of our blog posts too! We love doing customer design features here at Quickfit.

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