Budget Decorating Tip #1: Set A Budget

24th Aug 2016

The first and most important step to decorating a home on a budget is understanding your budget fully. How are you supposed to know how much money you can spend for something such as curtains online? What are your decorating priorities? What are some tricks to save some extra cash for a decorating project? We’ll attempt to answer these questions and more as we explore the great world of budgeting.

Let’s go!

How To Set A Budget For Decorating

Determine The Budget

Whether you are already saving for home decorations or renovations or are just starting to think about it, there are a few pieces of advice we’ve learned along the way that can help people budget at any stage.

Set the budget by knowing how much money you have right now. How much of this sum is already dedicated to other needs? Subtract that amount right away; we don’t want you to lose the roof over your head as you try and decorate the walls inside. Work from that number.

Stick To It

Discipline is key, here. It’s hard to stick to a budget, but the numbers do not lie. When you’re ready to splurge on something you know is out of range, do what you can to walk away or close the browser, and move on. Determining priorities is a good way to start spending the budget. What do you want to fix or replace first? What wall needs some serious decoration love? A fun piece of advice for decorating on a budget is to spend on what you want and not what you need. This way, you’ll be satisfied with a purchase (within budget, of course) and won’t be tempted to buy it anyway even though you already spent your money.

Tricks For Pinching Pennies

  • Shop responsibly and affordably by doing research and comparing prices. (Quickfit happily sells affordable blinds and curtains online!)
  • Find a credit card with rewards that match your goals; think cards that benefit retail shopping, online shopping, or credit back to the bill. Spend responsibly!
  • Save change in a bucket to dedicate to projects.
  • Audit your home for other money-saving opportunities, such as turning off lights, using less heat, etc.

There are many more ways one can set a budget, but these are our favourite tips.

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