Bulk Packs - Cheap Ready Made Curtains For Investment Properties

Posted by Jane Dodge BA Fashion Design RMIT: Textile Designer Quickfit Blinds and Curtains on 30th Mar 2015

Time and time again we hear the stories of owners who are having to replace curtains in their investment properties due to tenants' wear and tear. Sometimes it is just due to time itself. Bulk Packs of ready made curtains are the cheapest way to go.

It can be a costly and challenging exercise, purchasing curtains that are a good quality and a good price as the window sizes in a house can vary dramatically. We suggest ready made curtains in bulk packs for the investor as a painless and cost effective means to fit out the flat or home and achieve a nice look. These are typically made of 8 panels approx. 130cm wide each that can be purchased for as little as $149. That will then cover 4 small windows or 2 larger windows. The beauty is that multiple panels can be used on a bigger windows. If there is panel damage for any reason, it can be replaced, providing extras have been purchased and stored. Laundering is easy and overall handling of the curtain is easier as a smaller panel. The packs keep consistency in the colour scheme of the property rather than different curtains and colours in every room. Our bulk packs are often overruns of high quality fabrics used in commercial jobs, and rather than discarding the fabric, we put the fabric into these very cost effective bulk packs.

Bulk packs, not only for the investor but for your own home, offer a cheap priced curtain of a high standard and quality.

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