Caring for Your Quickfit Custom Made Curtains & Blinds

22nd Nov 2015

Your Quickfit custom made curtains and blinds are easy to care for. With the proper care, you should be able to enjoy them in your home for years to come. Your curtains and blinds are made from high-quality materials, so they’ll stand up to regular washings without fading or falling apart. Your window dressings are prone to collecting lots of dust and allergens, though, due to their location in your windows and often in high-traffic areas of your home. Removing that debris can help you enjoy our gorgeous custom made curtains and blinds for longer.

Here is how to clean your custom made curtains and blinds from Quickfit:

  • Curtains
    Many of our curtains are machine washable, so you can throw them into your washing machine a few times a year and have them looking like new again in no time. They should resist shrinking, stretching, and fading as long as you wash them on the proper cycle (see the tag on your curtains for additional care instructions). For curtains that aren’t machine washable or for homes without a washing machine, you can take your curtains to your local dry cleaner once or twice a year for a proper cleaning.
  • Blinds
    Our custom made blinds are even easier to care for. Simply fully extend the blinds and then wipe slats or roller blinds off with a damp cloth. This should remove any dust or stains that have built up for a time.

These simple steps are all it takes to keep your window dressings looking as good as new. Place an order for your custom made curtains and blinds from Quickfit today!