Cheap Curtain Rods

Posted by Jane on 19th Feb 2014

So you have selected your curtains and now its time to hang them.. Your going to need some Curtain Rods or Poles. Online you can buy really good quality cheap curtain rods delivered to your door. Check these ones out at quickfit blinds and curtains >> 

Curtain Rods by quick fit blinds and curtains

they are availble in 3 colors, and extend to over 3m. $49.00 and come with a 30 day no fuss return policy. Top see what others think about quickfit blinds and curtains visit reviews or you can contact them here if you have any questions >> contact us

Extendable rods make hanging eyelet curtains very easy. The telescopic nature of the rod means you can adjust the length after you have mounted the 3 brackets. This makes it easy all you need to do is mount the brackets on the architrave / window surround, no wall plugs etc required. Just a drill and screw driver. You will need to mount the brackets at the correct height. 

Measure your curtain from the top of the eyelet to the bottom. If this measurement is for example 225cm then the measurement from the top of the rod when sitting in the bracket to the floor should be 225cm. The curtains will then sit just above the floor. For more information visit measure and install guides