Cheap Curtains Don't need to look Cheap

22nd Jan 2014

Decorating your windows doesn't need to be an expensive exercise. Cheap Curtains don't need to look cheap! With a bit of creative thinking you can cover even the largest of windows in a stylish modern way on a budget. We guarentee you can even cover with quality blockout curtains a huge sliding door for under $80.00.  read on ... Yes 5 meteres of window for under $80.00 and they can look like this...


Leaf Decorator Curtain (L) and Milan 100% Blockout Curtain (R)

We suggest buying a quality 100% Blockout Eyelet Curtain. Something similar to our MILAN 100% BLOCKOUT EYELET CURTAINS check them out here..., they are $59.00. These are 160cm wide and you get two panels. Ok so thats only 320cm in total and the window is 5 meters you say. Now buy a really cheap decorator curtain ie one that is not coated with the blockout coating on the back. These are really cheap. You can buy one like the charcoal ones in the picture for $29.00. These ones are called LEAF DECORATOR EYELET CURTAINS check them out here..

There you go a fantastic creative modern solution for... well not much at all. Cheap Curtains dont need to look cheap... 

Be creative add two different styles. Hang the expensive blockout panels in the centre with the more decoartive ones on either side..