Check Out All Of Our Favourite Grey Blinds Available Now

23rd Sep 2017

It feels like grey is taking over the home decor world! We don't really mind it, though, because it looks amazing. Grey is the perfect neutral; it can go with almost any accent colour and look incredible. Plus, great comes in so many shades. You'll find greys that have blue or green tones in them as well as greys that go warmer with purple and red undertones, moving towards the taupe. Picking this pretty neutral allows you to change up your accent colours on a whim and transform the look of your space by simply switching up some accessories.

If you've fallen in love with grey as much as we have, then there is a good chance you are looking for more ways to bring this fabulous colour into your home. One often overlooked area that's perfect for grey is in your window treatments. This extends the neutral palette from your walls and can help make your space look cleaner, bigger, and brighter.

We especially love the look of grey roller blinds! They are clean and can be combined with curtains, too, so you have the best of all worlds. We're made a list of our favourite grey roller blinds online and why we love them. Could these be what you've been looking for in your windows?

Our List of Perfect Grey Roller Blinds

Custom Made Blockout Blind Classic Charcoal Gray

We love these blinds because while they are very affordable, they don't look cheap at all. In fact, these lovely charcoal grey blinds look like you spent a fortune on them. The classic charcoal grey colour looks amazing in virtually any room of your home or even in an office space. 

Custom Made Blockout Blind Classic Steel Grey

The same great affordable quality as the roller blind above, but in a lighter grey tone. Steel grey is a great tone for a room when you are using a lot of blue tones in the space as well; it will blend perfectly. 

Custom Made SunScreen Roller Blind Black

Don't be scared by the word black in the title; this sunscreen would be perfect if you are looking for something that's a bold, dark grey. If you've chosen a bold dark colour for your walls or flooring, then extending that tone onto your windows is a smart move. This roller blind allows you to do that while still giving you natural light and privacy. 

Custom Made SunScreen Roller Blind Grey

Love the idea of a sunscreen that allows in light while maintaining your privacy, but aren't ready for the boldness of the black one listed above? This grey version might be more to your liking. This is a beautiful silvery grey that offers a touch of elegance to your windows. 

Custom Made Blockout Blind Texture Milan Charcoal

We love the combination of the texture of these roller blinds and the perfect charcoal colouring! The texture of these blinds will add interest to your windows and the rest of your space. They'll also keep out any artificial or natural light, making them perfect for the bedroom.

Custom Made Blockout Blind Texture Charcoal

This blind is similar to the one listed above, but has a slightly less predominant texture to the pattern with the same great charcoal pattern. We'd have a tough time picking between the two!

Custom Made Double Blind Blockout Classic Sunscreen Charcoal Grey

These double blinds are amazing! They have both a blockout panel to keep artificial and natural light out as well as a sunscreen you can use when you want light without sacrificing your privacy. The charcoal grey colour is absolutely perfect in these blinds, too. 

Custom Made Double Blind Blockout Milan Sunscreen Charcoal Grey

These blinds are really the best of everything! Blockout panel to keep light out, sunscreen panel when you want to let it in, and Milan texture for unbeatable style. If you are looking for blinds that have it all, these are exactly what you need 

Which Blinds Do You Want in Your Home?

Do you have a favourite in this roundup of grey roller blinds? They are all available in our online store right now! Head over there to place an order. Don't forget that Quickfit offers both custom-made and ready-made roller blind options so you can get the roller blinds that you need for every window in your home. All of our blinds are high-quality and built to last, so you can enjoy your perfect grey blinds for years to come. Place an order with us today and take advantage of our flat-rate shipping offers to save even more!