Create A Beautiful Wedding Arch Using White Sheer Curtains

25th Jul 2016

Sheer white curtains hanging nicely in an arch act as a beautiful frame for an outdoor wedding. Imagine vowing your love to your spouse-to-be under white curtains flowing in the wind and a beautiful Australian countryside as the backdrop. What a beautiful and simple way to start a life together. It’s just as this picture from Woman Getting Married’s blog shows. (For copyright reasons, we can’t show you the picture here). We can, however, take a guess at directions for creating this exquisite arch to help you out a little bit. Plus, we can definitely supply you with the sheer white curtains online.

Let’s get started.

How To Make A Beautiful, Affordable Wedding Arch

Gather Materials

  • Two white, sheer curtain panels ($15 each for 140 cm width)
  • One 3-meter wooden rod
  • Two 6-meter wooden posts
  • Screws
  • Screw driver
  • Decoration items



  1. Measure and cut off one meter from each wooden post. This wood will be used as the support. (If you and your spouse-to-be are taller than five meters, you may want to get longer wooden posts to account for your proper look).
  2. Measure and cut each of the 1-meter pieces in thirds.
  3. Create a pattern at the base of each post to create a strong support so the arch doesn’t tip over in the middle of the wedding. Create a pyramid support by placing each of the ⅓-meter pieces around the base of the post. Each of the ⅓-meter pieces should be level with the ground and attached securely a bit up the post using screws. You may need to cut the edge of the support to lie flush with the post and the ground. Do this for both posts.


  1. Open the package of eyelet curtains and slide the 3-meter wooden rod through each of the eyes. If they are not eyelet curtains, you may need to purchase additional curtain hooks or sew the top of the curtain around the rod.
  2. Screw the decorated wooden rod to the top of the structure. The curtain panels should hang freely in the wind.


  1. Now for the fun part: decorating the arch.
  2. Gather items that reflect your wedding theme, such as similar flowers (to attach the day of or before the wedding; just keep them in mind for now), greenery, rope, a hanging item, and more.
  3. Use rope to tie back the curtains on either side post to create a perfect standing place for the happy couple.
  4. The greenery, flowers, and hanging item can decorate the top of the arch, adding a touch of classic, natural elegance to the decor.
  5. The sheer curtain panels will offer a great look as is, so if you would rather not spend the extra cash to decorate the rest of the arch, rest easily knowing the curtains only will look exquisite!

We hope you have fun making this wedding arch from Woman Getting Married using the sheer curtains found online with us. Let us know if we can be of any more help, and congratulations on your upcoming nuptials.