Creating Rooms Within Rooms + Another Helpful Bit

4th Feb 2016

Open space inside a home is a marvelous thing. The light can filter into an entire room and people can communicate easily. Sometimes, though, the open room is just the opposite of what you may want. One of the latest trends in open homes is turning sheer, string curtain panels into simple room dividers. These room dividers add a touch of beauty to the open room while providing many other benefits to the space. If you already have an idea of how you want to create rooms within rooms and use these sheer panels, start shopping for the curtains online and start decorating soon. If you’re still looking for ideas, read on to learn a few of our favourite tips.

Create Unique Space

Does your kitchen openly connect to the family room? Hanging a sheer curtain between the spaces creates two separate rooms without giving yourself too much home maintenance. The curtain can provide a bit of privacy or a touch of decor. Open a window or door nearby to catch the summer breeze flowing through these striped panels.

Stop The Bugs

The sheer material acts as a great barrier to stop the bugs. If you keep the family room open to the great outdoors but would like to keep those bugs out of the kitchen, the sheer curtain is the answer. Sure, a few bugs may slip between the cracks, but a great majority of the insects will stay away from the food.

When you shop for these string, sheer curtains online, you’ll see they come in many fashionable colours, so you can match your home decor accordingly: black, grey, cream, white, and chocolate. Enjoy your fashionable new curtain for just $19.95.