Curtains, Blinds or Both? How to Choose

22nd Feb 2016

When it comes to your window treatments, you have three basic options: curtains, blinds, or both. So which one do you choose? The answer will largely depend on the room you are decorating, how you are using the space, your budget, and your personal preferences. Here are some questions you'll need to ask yourself when looking to buy curtains or blinds online:

What room are you decorating?

If you are choosing something for your kitchen, curtains may be better for your windows. You'll want regular access to natural light in your kitchen, as well as other rooms like the dining room and potentially the living room. For rooms light the bathroom and bedroom where privacy is more of a concern, blinds may be a better choice. 

How do you want to use this interior space? 

If you use your spare bedroom as a craft room, choose an option that gives you plenty of natural light like sheer curtains or blinds that can be easily opened. If you'll be using the spare room as a guest bedroom, a curtain/blind combination can help block out the sun for a peaceful night's sleep while giving the room a beautifully decorated feel. 

What's your budget?

Both curtains and blinds will vary dramatically in price depending on the style you choose and how large you need them to be to cover the desired windows. Shop around for options; you may choose to buy blinds online because they are much less expensive from a source like Quickfit Blinds and Curtains. Set a budget before you start looking, though, so you can narrow down the search. 

What's appealing to your personal tastes? 

This may be the most important factor in choosing curtains or blinds! Curtains offer a more dramatic, softer feel to a room while blinds tend to make a space feel cleaner and more modern. Think about your decorative style and choose the one that adds decorative value to your space. Color, texture, and style will all play a part in your decision, but fortunately there are plenty of options for both curtains and blinds.

 Another thing to consider in the decision of curtains vs. blinds is maintenance. Whilst both these window covering solutions are generally low maintenance, curtains will need to be cleaned (usually by a professional dry cleaner) a few times a year and spot cleaned as necessary. Blinds take much less work to clean, but will need to be cleaned more often (every week is ideal) to get rid of the dust that accumulates on the slats. If you suffer from indoor allergies, blinds may also cause more issues for you than curtains. 

Whatever you choose for your space, Quickfit Blinds and Curtains has what you need. Buy blinds online as well as curtains, wallpaper, cushions and more right in our online store. We offer low $9.95 flat rate shipping so you get everything you need for a beautiful space. Have questions about any of our product or need more advice on whether to choose curtains or blinds? Give us a call at 0438324670 today. We'll help you get your order sorted out so you get everything that you need for the perfect window treatments.