Curtains In Nearly Every Colour Part II

11th Jul 2016

The Curtains In Nearly Every Colour blog series continues today, as we highlight our favourite vibrant coloured curtains available in our online store.

Read on for a quick outline of the green, blue, purple, pink, and red curtains in our collection, as well as some standout curtain styles stocked right here at Quickfit. For all our avid interior designers, we also have some stellar recommendations about how you can style our selection of curtains and blinds.

Green curtains

In our last post, we explored the many faces of brown, cream, white, and other natural coloured curtains and blinds. If you’re looking for natural window coverings that still have a splash of colour to them, however, you can’t go wrong with some luscious green curtains and blinds.

A true colour of the world, green can be either soft or vivacious and can perform beautifully with either light textures like linen, or heavier fabrics like velvet. We’ll have a look at two contrasting faces of green window coverings and how best you can style this versatile and verdant colour in your own home.

ANTON Pleated Wave Linen Style Curtain Sage Green

Our Anton Pleated Wave curtains come in a few stunning colours, but this sage green might just be our absolute favourite. The delicate tone of this linen style curtain is perfectly complementary to a wide selection of interior design styles. This curtain style will definitely feel most at home in cosy, contemporary modern interiors, providing your interior with a contrastingly flowy and natural tone to your otherwise modern and monochrome furniture.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a delicate splash of colour and some light texture for your interiors, these curtains may just be what you’ve been searching for.

VELVET LUX Custom Curtains 100% Blockout Green

Just as their name would suggest, these curtains are luxurious in their strong, velvet textures and deep, emerald hues. These hanging velvet blockout curtains are absolutely stunning and can provide any of your interior spaces with a fantastic velvety backdrop, or even a deep, focal point upon which you can design the rest of your interior space.

Our velvet blockout curtains won’t just keep you in control of your light availability, but also your temperature control, as these thick window coverings will help retain heat during the cooler months of the year.

You can potentially even consider these curtains as an alternative to cinema red curtains for your home theatre. Don’t be afraid to break the mold with these to-die-for emerald window coverings.

Blue curtains

Our blue curtains and blinds can come in a variety of shades and textures, but as a general rule, our designers here at Quickfit tend to favour those blue hues that you can truly get lost in. Blue can be a colour of deep serenity and contemplation, but it can also be bold and regal too! It all depends on the style and texture of your selected window covering.

Here are just two of our vibrant array of blue curtains and blinds.

COAST Textured Blockout Pencil Pleat Curtain Panel Faux Silk Blue

Our Coast blockout curtains come in a variety of different colours and styles, but here we’d like to highlight our blue Coast blockouts in pencil pleat. Unlike eyelet curtains, a pencil pleat fit can work wonders for a deep, vibrant colour like blue, as you’ll be able to increase the overall surface area of your window coverings, which can pave the way for some dynamic curtain shapes and contrasts in colour between your curtain folds. As you can see in the image above, the pencil pleat fit truly accentuates the deep blues of these curtains, which can help effortlessly add a sense of layering to any room in your home.

As these are blockout curtains, they can perform wonderfully in either living or bedroom spaces, and can be a fantastic method of ensuring total control over light availability throughout your home.

NORDIC Blockout Eyelet Curtain Panel AQUA MARINE

On the opposite end of the blue colour spectrum, we have these aquamarine Nordic blockout eyelet curtains. The eyelet fit can be superb for lighter and darker tones, but they work wonders for pale, almost neutral colours such as this delicate aquamarine. This colouring has been achieved by using a subtle cross dye to give these window coverings a natural ‘linen’ look, making it a perfect addition to any subtly styled contemporary or rustic space.

Whether you’re looking for a sheer, velvet, glossy, or blockout curtain, you can find the blue window coverings best suited to your home right here at Quickfit!

Pink and purple curtains

Yes, blue can be a regal colour, but ultimately there is nothing more regal than purple! Purple has been seen around the globe as the colour of royalty for centuries now, initially because of how difficult and, therefore, expensive it was to dye fabric this beautiful colour. Purple, notably different from violet, was created by grinding manganese and hematite and mixing it with fat to create a paint-like substance.

Since this process of creating purple started nearly 3,000 years ago, we’ve more or less mastered this process, and can now enjoy a wide range of purple and pinks curtains and blinds right here at Quickfit.

Here are some of our favourite pink and purple window coverings.

ETON Velvet Eyelet Curtain Panel Rosewood

Lilac is an incredibly unique colour in the world of interior design, which is exactly why it’s on the rise at the moment. Our favourite pair of curtains in our collection at the moment just so happens to be lilac or ‘rosewood’ coloured themselves, just in time to make the most of this emerging aesthetic!

These rosewood velvet curtains are absolutely stunning on their own, but when paired with naturally coloured decor and other natural elements, they truly spring to life. Their rosy yet muted tone is perfectly complemented by vibrant natural elements such as indoor greenery or light hardwood floorboards.

ASPEN Blockout Pinch Pleat Insulated Curtains PINK

If you’re looking for something a little plusher, however, these brilliantly bright pink Aspen blockout curtains may just be your cup of tea. These curtains are perhaps one of the boldest colours we stock and can be a genuine treat to work with. This deep pink truly has a life of its own, but it sings when paired with light coloured furniture and decor.

The pinch pleated fit of these Aspen blockouts also make the absolute most of the deep colouring of these curtains, and will ensure that your interiors always have a lively and stimulating backdrop.

Our selection of purple and pink curtains and blinds doesn’t just stop here, though! Be sure to check out our full and eclectic collection of these vibrant window coverings today to make sure you find your perfect fit.

Red curtains

Portsea Red Home Theatre Blockout Curtains

The red curtains online at Quickfit are for all you bold, passionate, theatrical spirits who love a pop of colour. If you’re looking to put together a home theatre or cinema set-up, our signature cinema red curtains are an absolute essential for your interior design plan.

These Portsea red blockout curtains won’t just keep external light out of your home theatre space. They are also triple woven to help with heat and noise insulation too, making them the perfect addition to any kind of entertaining space in your home.

Burgundy Montana Blockout Linen Look Curtain

Here at Quickfit, we know all too well that red is a colour built for expression, but when curating our curtain collection, we’ve also strived to keep in mind that that expression doesn’t necessarily always need to be bold to be powerful.

If you’re not a fan of vivid or thick textures, you can still incorporate this marvelous colour into your interior design scheme, with the help of our Montana Blockout curtains in our linen look or soft drape style.

The blockout curtain in this soft, burgundy red is good for two purposes. Yes, blockout curtains look exquisite and keep the sun out of your interior spaces when the curtains are closed, but they’re not suited to all interior spaces. This light, burgundy curtain will still keep light out without looking too heavy, making it perfect for small rooms like kids’ rooms or studies, or even more informal home theatre spaces.

As red is a vibrant colour, it can pair nicely with any neutral wall colour, or if you’re not afraid of evoking more emotion in the room, pair it with darker colours such as plum, forest green, or navy.

Get your red curtains online today with Quickfit’s easy shopping selection to start decorating your home right away.

With Quickfit’s shop by colour function, you have a world of vibrant curtains and blinds at your fingertips. Make the absolute most of our intuitive online store so that you can get cracking on your next interior design project.

If you’d like any more information on the curtains and blinds outlined in this blog post or Part I of this series, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re always happy to help our style-savvy customers attain their vision for their home interiors.