Curtains Online: 3 Reasons We Love String Curtains

24th Oct 2015

String curtains are back in style and better than ever! We love the updated style of string curtains and the fresh style they can bring to your room. We offer several different styles of string curtains in our online store, and they’ve proved to be a popular choice with our customers. Here are three reasons you might love them, too:

  • They are versatile. String curtains offer a style that can look good in almost any room. They mimic the clean lines of modern decor and can add an interesting contrast with classic designs. You’ll love how they fit in almost anywhere.
  • They are inexpensive. If you need an affordable way to add interest to your window dressings, string curtains are the way to go. These curtains are extremely affordable so you can get one for every window in your home.
  • They can do more than dress up your windows. While string curtains look amazing in your windows, this isn’t all that they can do. String curtains can also act as an elegant room divider or hang behind your bed as a sort of make-shift headboard to dress up your bedroom.

String curtains are a trend that is going to stick around! We adore hearing from our customers about how they are using these interested, affordable curtains in their homes to add interest and style. You can order string curtains online from Quickfit Blinds & Curtains today! We’ll ship them to you for just $9.95, our low flat-rate delivery charge. Get your order in today!