Curtains Online: 5 Reasons You Should Buy Online

Posted by Jane Dodge BA Fashion Design: Textile Designer Quickfit Blinds and Curtains on 7th Nov 2014

Why would you buy window coverings, curtains or blinds any place but online from a dedicated specialist store? We have found that buying your curtains online form a dedicated importer/supplier of window coverings has 5 key advantages that traditional stores just can't compete with.

  1. DESIGN & RANGE DEPTH: online dedicated stores have a far greater design and range depth. They source and develop their own ranges and import them directly. They can react quickly to customer trends unlike traditional stores who are relying on suppliers/wholesalers to present their year's collections that are often 12 months old as they have been in development for months, sometimes years. Stock levels are inconsistent and range depth is limited as they cannot afford to carry "risky" lines. Its taking the risk with the so called risky lines that adds depth to a collection.
  2. PRICE: online dedicated stores have eliminated all the "middle men". There are no sourcing companies, wholesalers, etc. inflating prices as they all take a bite of the profit.
  3. PRODUCT: online specialty stores know their product and their customer. They deal with you, the customer, every day and react accordingly when developing and sourcing new products. They are not relying on a wholesaler to provide the product for them. The wholesaler doesn't know what the consumer really wants. They are too removed and by the time they get the feedback from there customers the horse has bolted. This all leads to very safe ranges hitting the shelves. These boring ranges often come in one width, one length and a couple of colors. How last year is this approach. Online you can find silver grey damask curtains the latest in interior colour and design trend. Extra wide eyelet curtains for those huge sliding doors and natural organic looking sheers. The list goes on.

   Newcastle Silver Grey Damask Eyelet Curtains Extra Wide Curtains Husk Linen Look Sheer Curtains

4. ACCESSIBILITY: this point is rather obvious. You can buy the item any place, anytime. It takes less than 5 mins and arrives at your door within days. Really you cannot beat buying your curtains online.

5. CUSTOMER SERVICE: dedicated stores KNOW their PRODUCT. How well does the shop assistant in spotlight/lincraft know the product they are selling? Our customer service is available straight from your phone. Questions and issues can be resolved on the spot. No going to managers or suppliers. You wont beat the customer service at Quickfit Blinds and Curtains. 

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