5 Things To Never Do With Curtains

1st Jun 2016

The nice thing about purchasing curtains online with Quickfit is we do not send curtain panels without detailed care instructions. We want this window treatment to last you years and years (or until you feel like updating your style), so every package comes with laundering, hanging, and overall care directions. However, it is worth noting a few things you never want to do to your curtain panels, unless you want to ruin them instantly.

5 Things You Should Not Do To Your Curtains

Never hang curtains without first ironing the panels.

We pack our curtains tight so the shipping is easier. To make your home most presentable, iron the curtain panels on a high heat and use steam on the creases. This gives the curtains a polished, sleek look.

Never machine wash lined curtains.

Blockout curtains that are lined should not be put in the washing machine. The panels lose their integrity since they are not completely connected to each other at every point. Keep your curtains hanging flat and softly by handwashing lined curtains.

Never use a machine to dry curtains.

Heated drying machines can cause curtain panels to shrink. Instead, drape the curtains over a drying line or a home banister if you do not have a line.

Never rub the curtain fabric together when washing by hand.

Rubbing the fabric can cause unnecessary distress on the fabric. To wash the curtains, squish the different sections of curtain in your hands to provide a bit of tension without causing damage.

Never use bleach on coloured curtains.

Do you love the colour of your curtain? We do too! We recommend you use colour-safe detergents and avoid bleach at all costs.

If you avoid these five tips and follow the care instructions included in your online curtains purchase, you’ll have sleek curtains hanging in your home for many years.