Big Windows Deserve Big Curtains

17th May 2016

Large and extra large windows are extraordinary features of a home. Natural sunlight increases moods and decreases energy bills, so it’s no wonder that more and more people are searching for homes and spaces with large windows. Although natural light and large views are wonderful amenities of big windows, people still like to preserve privacy, which is why we sell curtains online with custom lengths or ready-made curtains at extra-long lengths.

Custom Curtains

Do you have a completely unique space? You can create your very own curtains online with Quickfit’s custom-made curtain program. It takes ten days for us to make curtains at your specified dimensions and ship them to you. Not only do you get to choose your desired curtain length and width, but you get to choose the fabric and colour for a unique look and fit.

Extra-Long Ready-Made Curtains

Maybe you live in a home with large windows that aren’t too out of the ordinary. We don’t want you to buy standard-sized curtains and leave the bottom half of the window exposed, so we offer ready-made curtains at 250cm drop length, which gives you an additional 20cm of curtain fabric to cover the extra-large windows.

Yet Another Use For Big Curtains

Some people love the look of a pool of curtain fabric at the floor of the window.I am one of those people! The extra-long curtain length adds a dramatic decor look to standard windows.

There are many reasons to buy extra-long curtains online; these are just a few.