Budget Decorating Tip #10: Start With What You Own

8th Sep 2016

Decorating on a budget is a fun and cash-friendly way to revamp the home. Whether you are going through an entire home remodel or a quick refresh of a room or two, it is important to be conscious of what you can repurpose and save before tossing it in the trash for something brand new. There are things that should be bought new and splurged on, such as buying curtains online or appliances, but there are many other things around the house that can be repurposed in fun and eco-friendly ways.

How To Repurpose Things Around The House

Determine The End Goal

What is missing from the room? Do you wish the living room had an additional side table or foot rest? Do you want more picture frames hanging on the walls? Maybe a new headboard in the bedroom? By first deciding what exactly is needed, it is easier to walk around the house to find the items necessary to complete the project. For example, a friend of mine recently created a headboard for her son’s room by wrapping old t-shirts around square pieces of wood and hanging them on the wall behind the bed. This DIY headboard is cute, memorable, and easy, three great adjectives for a repurposed project.

Think Outside The Box

By opening your mind to think of different uses for a common item, you are encouraging resourcefulness. Instead of seeing a broken ladder as trash, you can see it as shelving for your favourite photos. Instead of seeing a wooden chair with broken legs as wood to be burned, you can see it as a new porch swing with the addition of some rope and hooks.

Get Crafty

This budget-friendly tip brings out the craft side within all of us, so embrace the creativity. Did you accidentally break a plate? Use the pieces to create a mosaic picture frame or planter. There are endless possibilities that can transform a boring or broken element of your home into some fresh new decor.

This concludes our blog series of the 10 most popular Budget Decorating Tips.

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