Budget Decorating Tip #3: Tackle One Project At A Time

29th Aug 2016

Remodeling a house is one of the most fun projects you can do around the house. It’s your opportunity to make the living space exactly as you see fit. Alongside daydreaming of perfect home function and a quintessential look comes setting a realistic budget and using free sources like the world wide web. Getting lost on the web is as easy as sitting down at the computer (or pulling out a smartphone anywhere you may please), searching ideas about remodeling projects with your same ideas, and clicking through blog after blog, photo after photo, lost in the world of digital possibilities.

After searching through the cutest curtains online, watching a few puppy videos, and a snagging a quick 2-day shipping purchase on Amazon (because sometimes a great new purse can’t wait), you may just glance down at the clock to learn three hours went by and no real remodeling progress has been made. Bummer. This can be one of the biggest struggles of remodeling a home: spreading resources in too many directions at once.

See, if shopping for curtains online remained the focus until a decision was made, the puppies could run, jump, crawl, and shake themselves across the screen with no troubles. Now, since the many tasks took over one another, they must all be addressed again at a slower pace.

It’s important to remodel by completing one project at a time.

Not only can focusing on one project at a time help save money along the way, but it prevents too many different construction projects happening simultaneously. Imagine having to readjust routines in the morning and evening because both the bathroom and kitchen are out of order. Tough luck, there.

An easy way to prioritize tasks is to do the projects that you want to first rather than what is truly necessary. If you’re lucky, it’ll be the same project. Anyway, by focusing on the project that you want done the most, you’re less likely to splurge on the necessary project and detract from the entire point of this blog just so you can have the satisfaction of getting what you want in the end. Cut to the chase, and make your house exactly what you want today.

Make it easier on life and the pocket book by focusing on one project at a time.

Start with shopping for curtains online; you’re already here, anyway.