Budget Decorating Tip #5: It Does Not All Have To Match

31st Aug 2016

Do you have a theme for your home decor? I’m the type of person who would rather have a home full of things I like than things that match one theme and that theme only.

Guess what?

I like more than one thing! There’s more to life than the colour red, mountain getaways, and the blue ocean oasis. Those are all wonderful things, but I just can’t bring myself to limit my decor to just one of those styles. So instead of choosing all red appliances to match the red curtains I found online to match the red sofa cushions, I chose to use hand-me-down kitchen appliances from my grandmother in a green kitchen juxtaposed to the bookshelf lined living room. Upon the shelves (that frame the centrally located 74-inch television) are novels, ornaments, framed photos, painted dragons, coloured pictures, and foreign picture books.

My point here is there is absolute beauty in the order and chaos of the two different decorating styles, and both ways can be budget friendly.

Aside from making the place totally my own, decorating without a theme leaves me free to change it up as I go. Maybe one day I find incredible new purple curtains but am limited to the desert landscape theme. I will be stuck with a mismatched room or will be shelling out an arm and a leg to remodel everything. I would say to myself, “Buy the curtains online! You’ll love them.” And guess what? So long as I’m happy, my house is decorated correctly.

I surround myself with the things I know make me happy, no matter how asymmetrical they may be to others. That sounds like a perfectly decorated house to me.