Budget Decorating Tip #7: Strategize Furniture As Storage, Too

5th Sep 2016

Redecorating or remodeling a home can be quite the fun project! With the right strategies, it’s easy to stick to a budget when decorating, but sometimes it isn’t just cost to consider when redecorating. Living space should be comfortable, unique, and realistic. There are many innovators in the world that have considered these elements when designing furniture pieces. When deciding on a new look for a room, consider how the function of furniture can double as storage, among other ideas for decorating on a budget. (Remember, you can purchase curtains online for an affordable price; which doesn’t double as storage, but it frees up a bit of your budget to splurge elsewhere).

Great Dual-Purpose Furniture Pieces

Save space without sacrificing much needed storage by purchasing smartly.

A Sleeper Sofa

No room for a guest bedroom in the house? No worries. A sleeper sofa doubles as a sofa and a bed that can be pulled out when needed. Slumber parties, mother-in-law moving in, and a movie day are three reasons the sofa bed is a good choice. Check out a collection at Plush for varying styles.

Storage Benches

Like to kick up your feet at night or hang out with guests in a small space? A storage bench triples as a seating space, foot rest, and storage space because it utilizes the hollow space inside for storage and is small enough to sit nicely in a small space while it remains comfortable for a seat.

Bookshelf Room Dividers

Break up a bigger space into smaller spaces by using bookshelves that can also hold your most treasured literature, trinkets, and memorabilia. Do not waste space and money by adding walls. You are better than that!

Curtains As Hiding Spaces

As I was writing this post, I remembered one way I used to use curtains that are not within the traditional intent. During my childhood, I would play hide-and-seek with my siblings and would use the long, full curtains my parents found online to conceal my presence. I guess curtains can double for kid storage, too!

Enjoy decorating your home on a budget by thinking smart with your purchases.