Budget Decorating Tip #8: Use Memorabilia

6th Sep 2016

A thoughtful living space tends to be more comfortable, cozy, and homey. If you have kids, chances are they have brought home a school project that is proudly hanging in the kitchen. If you have grandparents who have passed, you may have decor items from their homes that now decorate yours. Memorabilia is a free way to update your home’s look and feel while holding true to the things that are most special to you. There are many ways to decorate using memories; keep reading to see how you can use curtains bought online to highlight common pieces of memories.

Connecting Window Treatments to Memorabilia Decor

A Gifted Quilt

Draped across my bed is a quilt my aunt gifted my husband and I on our wedding day. It features exquisite purples, greens, creams, and silvers eloquently stitched and is handed through the generations. Now that it is ours, we redecorated the bedroom to complement the quilt. We chose a cream pencil pleat blockout curtain with hidden texture. The cream colour matches but does not steal the focus, and the detail on the curtain is another small touch of similarity to the quilt.

Photos or Art with a Theme

Whether you choose to frame photos from the last big family gathering or hang handmade artwork on the walls, connecting curtains and blinds to the art can be as simple as connecting it to the quilt. Find a similar colour that translates through all of the photos, and choose a curtain colour that complements and accentuates the photos and art. Bringing the room together makes it look purposeful instead of cluttered, an ultimate goal for redecorating and buying new curtains online.

Enjoy decorating your space with memories. I hope you find it to be as special as I have.