Create A Great Home Theatre Without Tons Of Construction

25th May 2016

Are you in the mood for a movie night at home? Sure, you can pop a film into the tele upstairs and fall asleep to it as you lie in bed, or you can create a home theatre in another part of your home to give yourself the true cinema experience. One way to do this is by constructing a new room for this purpose, but let’s be honest... this takes a lot of effort. Instead of creating an entirely new room, let’s see what a big screen, some comfortable chairs, and some blockout curtains from Quickfit’s online store can do for your experience.

Creating A Home Theatre

The Picture

The biggest reason people go to the cinema is for the big screen. Movies at home don’t compare to the gigantic picture, in-your-face action, and incredible sound. To create this experience at home, install a projection screen and a digital projector. These run through a computerized system to project the picture onto a large screen. It’s more affordable than purchasing a super-sized screen television and gives you a true cinema vibe.

The Chairs

Comfort is necessary when watching a film. Whether you prefer personal recliners for everyone in the family or a larger sofa for the family to share, don’t forget some cupholders for a tasty beverage to join the party.

The Scene

Another great reason to visit the cinema is for the complete darkness and forced focus on the picture. There are no distractions at the cinema, so take away distractions at home for the perfect home theatre. We like the idea of adding blockout curtains to the room you turn into a home theatre because it blocks the sunlight from peeking through the window.

Shop for blockout curtains online at Quickfit to make your home theatre complete.

Don’t forget the popcorn machine!